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What are the characteristics of logistics technology

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-29
Due to the continuous increase in the production scale and level of Chinese enterprises in recent years, the demand for the upgrading and modernization of production equipment and logistics equipment is strong. The automotive, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and home appliance industries are good markets for logistics technology and equipment. In order to meet the market demand, logistics technology equipment manufacturers have also continuously improved the level of products and developed new products. So, from the current point of view, what are the characteristics of China's logistics technology and equipment? Let's explore this article together. According to Wang Jixiang's 'China Logistics Technology and Equipment Industry Development Report', based on the above analysis, the current development of China's logistics technology and equipment industry mainly has the following three characteristics: First, great changes: The logistics equipment industry has entered an era of great changes. This is firstly caused by the rapid development of e-commerce. The development of e-commerce has changed the system structure of modern logistics, and the logistics services have been comprehensively transformed to consumers, which has led to changes in logistics technology and equipment. Secondly, with the development of the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet, the Industrial 4.0 revolution featuring the 'Industrial Internet' has inevitably brought about a major change in the logistics technology and equipment industry. Transformation of technical equipment to high-end logistics equipment; transformation of mechanized logistics technology equipment to intelligent, automated logistics equipment; independent application of logistics technology equipment to the Internet of Things; logistics technology and equipment market to the sharing economy and aftermarket. The second is the big development: the economic transformation has brought about a significant increase in labor costs, land costs, and storage rental costs. It has also led to the demand for logistics mechanization and automation of the enterprise, and has promoted an elevated three-dimensional warehouse, a fully automatic three-dimensional warehouse, and an automatic sorting system The construction of facilities has directly driven the development of high-end logistics equipment industry. Although the economic downturn has had a greater impact on China's logistics equipment industry, the current China's logistics equipment market has already surpassed Japan, the United States and European countries. It is still the largest and most dynamic market in the world, and its overall growth rate is higher than the GDP growth rate . The third is big innovation: in the Internet + environment, the development of information technology has promoted the new industrial revolution characterized by the 'Industrial Internet', which is mainly reflected in 'intelligent physical systems of smart manufacturing and smart factories', which is also summarized by Germany For Industry 4.0. The logistics technology innovation brought by Industry 4.0 is mainly reflected in the innovation of logistics information systems based on the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet applications, and equipment innovation in the direction of automation, intelligence, and environmental protection. Ten years ago, the main driving force for the rapid development of the logistics equipment industry was ordinary logistics equipment with forklifts, pallets, shelves, etc. as the main driving force. Since 2013, the market-driven players have upgraded their gears to: automated logistics equipment, intelligent shuttles, intelligent robots, transport and sorting systems, and sensing and identification systems. This trend is now more pronounced.
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