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What are the characteristics of e-commerce logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-23
The advent of e-commerce globalization has allowed e-commerce logistics to develop rapidly. Logistics in the new era is bound to be different from traditional logistics, and it is bound to have its own new characteristics. Let's take a look at the characteristics of e-commerce logistics? E-commerce logistics is a complete set of electronic logistics solutions, as the saying goes, ERP system, electronic logistics display and related operations, logistics still need to be moved by machines and people. Due to new demands and developments, e-commerce logistics has the following characteristics. I. Informatization In the era of e-commerce, logistics informationization is an inevitable requirement for e-commerce. Logistics informationization manifests itself in the commodification of logistics information, the databaseization and coding of logistics information collection, the electronicization and computerization of logistics information processing, the standardization and real-time distribution of logistics information, and the digitization of logistics information storage. Second, automation There are many facilities for logistics automation, such as barcode / voice / radio frequency automatic identification system, automatic sorting system, automatic access system, automatic guided vehicle, and automatic cargo tracking system. These facilities have been widely used in logistics operations in developed countries, but in China, because of the late start of the logistics industry and the low level of development, the popularity of automation technology will take a long time. Third, network The foundation of network in the logistics field is also information, which is one of the main characteristics of logistics activities under e-commerce. Logistics network is inevitable for logistics informationization. The availability of global network resources such as the Internet and the popularization of network technologies in the world today provide a good external environment for logistics network. Logistics network is unstoppable. Changes in the physical logistics network First, the number of warehouses will be reduced and inventory will be centralized. Second, the main form of logistics nodes in the future is distribution centers. Finally, the integrated logistics center will be integrated into a large distribution center. Fifth, intelligent. This is a high-level application of logistics automation and informationization. A large number of operations planning and decision-making in the logistics operation process, such as the determination of inventory levels, the selection of transportation (handling) routes, the operation track and operation control of automatic guided vehicles, and automatic sort Problems such as machine operation and decision support for logistics distribution center operations and management need to be solved with the help of a large amount of knowledge. In the process of logistics automation, logistics intelligence is an unavoidable technical problem. Fortunately, relevant technologies such as expert systems and robots have had relatively mature research results in the world. In order to improve the level of logistics modernization, intelligent logistics has become a new trend in logistics development under e-commerce. In short, e-commerce logistics has the characteristics of informatization, automation, networking, physical logistics network changes and intelligence, and is gradually developing towards globalization.
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