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What are the characteristics of agricultural product transportation logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-29
Agricultural product logistics takes agricultural output as the object, and through the logistics links such as post-production processing, packaging, storage, transportation and distribution of agricultural products, the value of agricultural products is maintained and increased, and then sent to consumers. Then what are the characteristics of agricultural product transportation logistics. The following is a detailed introduction by the editor. 1. The logistics of agricultural products is particularly large in quantity and variety. What are the characteristics of agricultural product transportation logistics? 2. Agricultural product logistics requirements are high. First, because agricultural products are different from industrial products, they are living animal and plant products. Therefore, the logistics of agricultural products requires 'green logistics' in particular, and does not pollute or deteriorate in the logistics process. Second, due to the low price of agricultural products, it is necessary to achieve low-cost operation. Third, because the circulation of agricultural products involves ensuring and increasing the income of farmers. Therefore, in the process of logistics, service value must be added, that is, agricultural product processing and transformation, agricultural product processing and distribution. 3. Agricultural product logistics is difficult. First, packaging is difficult, second, transportation is difficult, and third, storage is difficult. Although China's agricultural product logistics activities appeared earlier, the development of China's agricultural product logistics is very slow, both in theoretical research and practical operation. To sum up, we can choose a reasonable mode of transportation according to the quantity of our agricultural products.
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