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What are the categories of foreign trade import

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
With the development of globalization, more and more companies are engaged in foreign trade import and export. For foreign trade companies, it is necessary to understand the types of foreign trade import and export transportation. As the most common mode of transportation, road transport, inland water transport, postal Reported transportation, with lower cost and higher safety, is welcomed by shippers and transporters.

1. Road transportation

Road transportation is a modern mode of transportation. It not only can directly transport foreign trade goods in or out, but also is an important means of collecting and distributing import and export goods at stations, ports and airports.

2. Inland water transportation

Inland water transportation is an important part of water transportation. It is a link connecting the hinterland and coastal areas. It plays an important role in the transportation and collection of import and export goods.

3. Parcel transportation

Parcel post transport (parcelposttransport) is a relatively simple way of transportation. There are agreements and contracts between the postal departments of various countries. Through these agreements and contracts, the postal parcels of various countries can be transferred to each other, thus forming an international postal package.

Lost network. Because international postal parcel transportation has the nature of international multimodal transportation and 'door-to-door' transportation, in addition, the procedures are simple and the cost is not high, so it has become one of the transportation methods commonly used in international trade.
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