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What are the capable battery shipping companies? (Attached to the general process of sea export)

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
We often have customers call for consultation and ask what items cannot be brought in international logistics. Generally, in international logistics, besides furniture, it is daily necessities. Daily necessities involve a wide range and more complicated classification, such as clothing, kitchenware, toys, home appliances and so on. A considerable part of these items that are usually around us need electricity to operate. In addition to plug-in electricity, there is also a battery to operate. Then we will start our topic today. Everyone knows that storage batteries are dangerous goods. General shipping companies do not consign and transport them. Only a professional technical management team for dangerous goods will leave. So, what are the shipping companies that can take batteries? It is understood that the current shipping companies that can use battery shipping include OOCL, US President APL, Maersk Line MSK, Mediterranean Shipping MSC, Evergreen Shipping EMC, Pacific Shipping PIL, Hyundai Merchant Marine HMM, Hapag-Lloyd HPL, Hamburg South America HBS Wait. Among them, OOCL has a professional and reliable technical management team for dangerous goods, and has its own operating procedures in the Asia Pacific (APT), Europe (EUT) and North America (NAT) regions. The scope of these procedures involves all dangerous goods Application and approval.   MSC has an unparalleled level of customer service in the transportation of potentially dangerous goods (such as chemicals). MSC has a global network of 480 agencies. Each company has first-hand experience with local requirements and regulations for chemicals/dangerous goods in ports around the world. They will ensure that your cargo meets the strictest compliance requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. They can also handle accidents during the entire transportation process.  Batteries are dangerous goods, and transportation requires complete customs declaration materials. A complete set of customs declaration materials includes customs declaration forms, proxy declaration orders, packing lists, invoices, contracts, declaration elements, etc. The battery shipping also requires a chemical safety technical specification (MSDS), an 'application form for the record of import and export battery products' and an 'application form for the record of import and export battery products,' battery dangerous package certificate, etc. The general process for the export of batteries by sea:   1, booking 1, sea freight;   2, identification result sheet for the use of dangerous goods packaging;   3, technical specifications for packaging dangerous goods;   4, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)    Note: , The shipping consignment should indicate the Chinese and English product name, box type, dangerous goods class (CLASS NO.), United Nations dangerous goods code (UN NO.), cargo packaging, and special requirements to facilitate the application for space and dangerous goods declaration; b. If it involves transshipment, you need to confirm with the shipping company whether there are restrictions on the transshipment port;   2. Provide declaration materials 1. Appraisal result sheet for the use of dangerous goods packaging; (Note: different product names should correspond one to one;)   2, packaging dangerous goods technology Instructions;     need to pay attention to:    a. According to the above documents, and according to the correct data, product name, container type, etc., go to the Maritime Safety Administration for cargo declaration, and then send it to the shipping company for ship declaration according to the cargo declaration form and packing certificate. b. For recyclable shipping barrels, a temporary import and export application needs to be processed before the declaration of the goods, a description of the purpose (for example: why imported barrels are used), the CLASS category and UN number of the goods, the quantity and gross weight must be correct The shipper’s company must knock on the official seal and apply to the Maritime Safety Administration. 3. Customs declaration 1. Verification form;   2, invoice;   3, packing list;   4, customs declaration order;   5, export declaration form;   6, the fact sheet of the goods (the shipper needs to introduce the purpose of the goods in writing, and Features, etc.);    need to pay attention to:   a, according to the above documents, and according to the cargo declaration form, box seal number, etc. to declare.   B. For temporary import and export, in addition to the above documents, a description of the temporary import and export goods needs to be provided, and a deposit receipt is also required.   4. Packing into the port   Since dangerous goods are directly loaded on the side of the ship, they are usually packed 3 days before the ship leaves. There are two ways of packing:    1. The cargo owner shall deliver the goods to the dangerous goods warehouse for loading, and the cargo owner shall deliver the goods to the dangerous goods warehouse designated by the freight forwarding company within 3 days before the ship sails;    2. Packing at the factory, the owner shall prepare in advance For good goods, after the goods are packed, they must be marked with a major danger mark around the container. If the loaded goods will cause pollution to the ocean once they leak, they must also be marked with a marine pollution mark and take photos for evidence;     Need to pay attention to :  A. All trailers or interiors of dangerous goods must use a fleet of dangerous goods transportation qualifications, and the cost is calculated according to the level.  B. The deadline for cargo declaration is 48 hours before sailing, so the box must be presented before this time.  C. If the deadline of the declaration is to provide the box number at the same time, so the box must be presented before this time.   V. Confirmation of the bill of lading    Confirmation of the bill of lading will be provided to the shipper for confirmation two days before the ship sails.  Editor's summary: After the above editor introduced the battery-related international shipping export process, everyone should have already understood. As the dangerous goods, the storage battery has a professional set of transportation procedures in the international shipping, and as the shipper, we must strictly observe and implement it. 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