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What are the Amazon FBA delivery requirements

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-25
The full name of FBA is Fullfillment ByAmazon. The Chinese translation is Amazon Logistics. It is the delivery service provided by Amazon. It includes logistics services such as warehousing, picking, packaging, distribution, collection, customer service, and return processing.
   One, what is FBA?

   The full name of FBA is Fullfillment By

   Amazon, the Chinese translation is Amazon Logistics, is a delivery service provided by Amazon, which specifically includes logistics services such as warehousing, picking, packaging, distribution, collection, customer service, and return processing.

   2. Amazon FBA delivery requirements

  1. The goods more than half of the pallets must be packed in pallets and delivered by trucks of more than 7.5 tons;

  2. The pallets stacked in a single layer must not exceed 1.7 meters, and the pallets stacked in two layers must not exceed 3 meters. The cargo must be loaded and unloaded from the rear of the truck;

  3. The delivery card must allow AMAZON PPT/FLT to unload from the rear of the car;

  4. The pallets with double layers must be delivered by connected trucks;

  5. The transported goods cannot be blocked by other non-AMAZON goods;

   6. If there is no advance reservation, AMAZON warehouse will refuse to accept the goods. While making an appointment, make sure that the number of pieces, boxes and pallets are accurate;

  7. A single piece of goods over 15KGS must use pallets;

   8. The delivery documents, including the delivery list, must be placed in a prominent position;

  9. The lifting tail plate must meet the requirements of AMAZON;

  10. The goods must arrive within the appointment time (time difference is allowed within half an hour). If it cannot arrive at the specified time, you need to inform in advance in the relevant appointment email;

  11. The delivery truck must ensure the safety of unloading, such as the pallet must not be tilted, and the vehicle floor must not be damaged, etc.;

   12. If the goods are damaged during transportation, AMAZON will reject them;

  13. Any vehicle whose height does not exceed 4.2 meters, and must have a complete foldable rear door;

  14. Before unloading is completed, the truck key must be handed over to AMAZON staff;

   15. Delivery drivers must wear high-brightness shirts and high-security shoes.

Amazon FBA head trip

   Three, Amazon FBA first trip

  Because Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and China's delivery to Amazon warehouse services, sellers should be responsible for the Amazon FBA header process (there are special service providers to achieve this demand).

   Amazon FBA header, there should be 4 shipping methods on the market:

1. Direct delivery: DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc., generally the price is good for more than 20kg, the time is fast, suitable for emergency replenishment, and the express delivery is free of appointments, but it should be noted that Amazon is not the subject of customs clearance. It is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment. It is necessary to make declaration and tariff prepayment and prepare the local customs clearance importer in advance.

  2, FBA air + delivery: use air freight to ship to the local first, and then use local express delivery to Amazon warehouse, the time is faster, slightly slower than direct express delivery, express delivery is very convenient to store in the warehouse without appointment. Nowadays, the empty + delivery on the market is generally double tax package, and there is no need to pay tariff prepaid fees, etc., and the cost is also very cheap, about 20-30 yuan/kg.

  3. FBA shipping first: shipping + local customs clearance + destination country delivery, the time limit is slightly longer. The whole price does not include tax, which is almost a little more than 1,000 square meters. The United States and the United Kingdom are cheaper, and Canada is more expensive. This kind of first shipping has a long time limit, usually more than a month, and the trailer is sent to Amazon, and generally requires an appointment in storage. The operation is more troublesome than express delivery, but the price is cheaper and suitable for non-urgent replenishment.

  4. Overseas warehouse allocation: Put the goods in overseas warehouses, one can do Amazon FBA, and the other platforms can be sold and shipped from overseas warehouses. Generally, there are many options for transferring overseas warehouses to Amazon. You can choose express delivery without appointment, or you can choose trailer delivery. The method is flexible and simple, and it can also be replenished more frequently, and the replenishment time is short.

   VIPUTRANS logistics focuses on FBA first-way transportation and Amazon FBA first-way transportation. Our company is an official partner of Amazon. We provide free appointment services in all Amazon warehouses in the United States and free storage in local warehouses for 1 month.
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