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What are the advantages and disadvantages the postal parcel? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-21
Postal parcel, also called China post air parcel, also called the international parcel. International parcel is China post for a domestic and international postal parcel business services, belongs to the category of the postal air parcel, and is an economical and practical international express service items. Can reach more than 230 countries and regions in the world the postal network. In fact, the postal packets sent to some relatively developed area, speed is quite fast. But if sent to the destination is township and town, the speed may be slow, because every place of the postal delivery time of provisions, such as available to the city, to be assigned to the villages and towns, won't be the postal sent every day to the villages and towns, but the general 3 - 5 days one time, so just have postal parcel slowly to death. Actually, most of the express is the same, in remote areas will not someone sent every day. Although postal parcel has some shortcomings, but it also has its own advantages: 1, the speed advantage: postal parcel is direct transfer of China post, not transshipment in Hong Kong, after the mail delivery to the post office, you can be on the same day in China post send request to check the parcel status. 2, China postal parcel safe and replace rate is low; Registered to follow-up. 3, the network's most widely distributed, the most is the postal service, as long as there is the post office, the postal packets can be safely arrived, except for a handful of countries and regions. 4, the price is affordable, compared with the now famous four express ( TNT、UPS、DHL、FedEX) , postal packets in terms of price, and have absolute advantage. Postal parcel sending requirements 1, postal parcel weight limit: postal parcel weight 2 kg; Note that China postal parcel registered mail sent to Saudi Arabia can't more than 1 kg. 2, postal parcel volume restrictions: the drum goods: length + width + height & le; Length 90 cm, unilateral & le; 60 cm, length & ge; 14 cm, width & ge; 9厘米; Two times the diameter of the cylindrical goods: + length & le; Length 104 cm, unilateral & le; 90 cm, the diameter of the + twice as long.
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