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What are the advantages and disadvantages of overseas warehouses?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-26
Overseas warehouses are a solution to the pain points of cross-border e-commerce logistics. The State encourages business model innovation, expands cross-border e-commerce pilots, and supports enterprises to build a batch of 'overseas warehouses' for export products ', promote the development of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises. The voice of state support encourages cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade service enterprises to march forward bravely. More than half of cross-border e-commerce companies are eager to try overseas warehouses, and some third-party overseas warehouses are taking advantage of the trend. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of overseas warehouses? Next, follow the editor to have a look! The advantages of overseas warehouses, the advantages of overseas warehouses: lower logistics costs, direct delivery from overseas to customers, equivalent to domestic express delivery, lower cost than from China to abroad. And it is cheaper than hiring your own operator to process orders and managing inventory than renting your own warehouse. The second advantage of overseas warehouses: faster delivery time, solving the time required for complicated operation processes such as transportation, customs declaration and customs clearance, and faster and more effective overseas delivery. The third advantage of overseas warehouse: better warehouse management experience, no longer need to worry about the warehouse manager's goods management problem, overseas warehouse has equipped you with the most professional management personnel. The fourth advantage of overseas warehouses: order processing is more convenient, orders and shipments are synchronized, and automatic batch processing of orders is realized. The fifth advantage of overseas warehouse: inventory management and inventory are clearer, monthly sales volume and surplus inventory system are automatically displayed, and the logistics cost of each order is clear at a glance, you don't need to hire a clearing person to sort out the report. The advantages of overseas warehouses are as follows: Remote control is convenient and fast, and you no longer need to pack and send express delivery in the warehouse. You only need to click the mouse gently in front of the computer, order delivery instructions, the professional team of overseas warehousing will complete these instead of you. Advantage 7 of overseas warehouse: automatic and efficient return processing process. Due to various reasons, your customers can return the goods directly to overseas warehouse, it eliminates the cost, timeliness, and abandonment of domestic and foreign Double-clearing. Because overseas warehouses can be more recognized by foreign buyers, on the other hand, if sellers pay attention to word-of-mouth marketing, their goods can not only be recognized by buyers in the local area, it is also beneficial for sellers to accumulate more resources to expand the market and expand the field and scope of product sales. Disadvantages of overseas warehouses disadvantages of overseas warehouses: sellers cannot manage overseas warehouses as they manage their own warehouses. When goods are sent to overseas warehouses, sellers cannot access goods. Disadvantages of overseas warehouses: inventory pressure is high, storage costs are high, and capital turnover is inconvenient. How to choose an overseas warehouse? Personally, I think it is best to choose overseas warehouses according to my company's products, such as products with large size and weight: for example, products such as home gardening and auto parts use overseas warehouses, can break through the product specifications and reduce logistics costs. Products with high unit price and gross profit: for example, electronic products, jewelry, watches, glass products, etc. can choose overseas warehouses to control the breakage rate and lost parts rate to a very low level, reduce risk for sellers who sell high-value goods. Products with high turnover rate: such as fashion clothes, fast-moving consumer goods and other best-selling products, buyers can process orders more quickly through overseas warehouses and withdraw funds. Products with obvious light and peak seasons: for example, products that meet the theme of European and American festivals in peak seasons are suitable for overseas warehouses in the short term. For holiday consumer goods, buyers pay more attention to timeliness. Products with large single shipments: Although the sales speed is relatively slow, products that have formed a certain sales scale can also choose to go overseas. Products that cannot be shipped across the country: for example, liquid products with higher profits or products with lithium batteries. The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of overseas warehouses. If you want to know more about overseas warehouses, please continue to pay attention to our cross-border talents!
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