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What are basic ports and non-basic ports? List of major basic ports in the world

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Introduction to basic ports and non-basic ports The base port refers to the port that each liner calls directly. The basic port equipment conditions are relatively good, there is no volume limit, so the volume of goods is large and stable. Goods destined for basic ports are generally directly transported without transshipment. Non-Bae Port (Non-Bae Port) Ports other than the basic port are non-basic ports. Non-basic ports charge one more charge than basic ports: transshipment surcharge. If it reaches a certain volume, a direct flight surcharge will be charged. Overview of the world's major basic ports China's basic ports mainly include: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen and Hong Kong. The basic ports of European routes include: Belgium: ANTWERP (Antwerp) Germany: HAMBURG (Hamburg) BREMEN (Bremen) Netherlands: ROTTERDAM (Rotterdam) AMSTERDAM (Amsterdam) France: LE HAVRE (Le Havre) United Kingdom: FELIXSTOWE (Fee) Lixstowe) SOUTHAMPTON (Southampton) LONDON (London) MANCHESTER (Manchester) Austria: VIENNA (Vienna) Ireland: DUBLIN (Dublin) Hungary: BUDAPEST (Budapest) Canada: LIVERPOOL (Liverpool) Poland: WARSAW (Warsaw) Czechoslovakia: PRAHA (PRAGUE) (Prague) Denmark: AARHUs (Aarhus) COPENHAGEN (Copenhagen) Sweden: GOTHENBURG (Gothenburg) STOCKHOLM (Stockholm) Norway: OSLO (Oslo) Finland: HELSINKI (Helsinki) Northeast Asia routes: Japan Basic port: YOKOHAMA (Yokohama) NAGOYA (Nagoya) OSAKA (Osaka) KOBE (Kobe) TOKYO (Tokyo) South Korea basic port: BUSAN (Busan) INCHON (Incheon) SEOUL (Seoul) Southeast Asia routes: HONGKONG (Hong Kong) SINGAPORE (Singapore) Basic ports in Taiwan: KEELUNG (Keelung) KAOHSIUNG (Kaohsiung) TAICHUNG (Taichung) Basic ports in Indonesia: SURABAYA JAKARTA (Jakarta) BELAWAN (Belawan) SEMARANG (Semarang) Basic ports in Vietnam: HO CHI MINH (Ho Chi Minh) HAIPONG (Hai Phong) Basic Port of Malaysia: PORT KELANG (Klang) PENANG (Penang) Basic Port of Thailand: BANGKOK (Bangkok) LAEM CHABANG (Lin Chabang) Basic Port of Myanmar: YANGON/RANGOON (Yangon) Basic Port of Philippines: MANILA( Manila) Indian Ocean route: Sri Lanka basic port: COLOMBO (Colombo) Indian basic port: BOMBAY (MUMBAY) (Mumbai) MADRAS (Madras) u003d u200bu200bCHENNA CALCUTTA (Kolkata) NEW DELHI (New Delhi) NHAVA SHEVA (Mumbai New Port / Nava Suva) Pakistani Port: KARACHI (Karachi) LAHORE (Lahore) Bangladesh's Basic Port: CHITTAGONG (Chittagong) DHAKA (Dhaka) West Coast Line: West Coast Port: LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles) LONG BEACH (Long Beach) ) C HICAGO (Chicago) OAKLAND (Oakland) SEATTLE (Seattle) SAN FRANCISCO (San Francisco/San Francisco) East U.S. Route: East U.S. Basic Port: NEW YORK (New York) BOSTON (Boston) BALTIMORE (Baltimore) PHILADELPHIA (Philadelphia) MIAMI (Miami) ) Canada route: Canadian base port: VANCOUVER (Vancouver) MONTREAL (Montreal) TORONTO (Toronto) Australia route: Australia base port: SYDNEY (Sydney) MELBOURNE (Melbourne) BRISBANE (Brisbane) ADELAIDE (Adelaide) New Zealand route : New Zealand Basic Port: AUCKLAND (Auckland) LYTTELTON (Littleton) WELLINGTON (Wellington)
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