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Wenzhou hazardous chemicals transportation industry

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-30
In order to deeply learn the lessons of the tanker explosion accident on the G15 Shenhai Expressway (Wenling Daxi Section), and further eliminate the hidden dangers of the hazardous chemicals transportation industry, the municipal government held a video and telephone conference yesterday to specially deploy the hazardous chemicals transportation industry safety inspection and rectification Special action. It is reported that the special action will last for 7 days and will carry out a comprehensive safety 'physical examination' for all hazardous chemical transportation enterprises, vehicles and related practitioners in the city by a combination of enterprise self-examination and departmental inspection.

This special action will cover the entire chain of hazardous chemicals transportation 'source filling, tank transportation, road law enforcement, and corporate management', centering on the three types of objects 'enterprise, vehicle, and human', focusing on the weak links that are prone to potential safety hazards. Develop a 'physical checklist'-for companies, the focus will be on whether the company's production safety management responsibilities are implemented, whether the hidden hazard investigation and management system is sound, whether the company's emergency plans for safety accidents, dangerous goods leakage, etc. are complete, whether the company has violations of regulations and operations beyond the scope Problem: For vehicles, we will focus on checking whether the safety technology management is in place, whether the satellite positioning device and enterprise monitoring platform are in place, whether the violations are promptly corrected and dealt with, whether the vehicle safety facilities are complete, and whether the tank body of the tank vehicle is left out of the factory Inspect the qualification certificate and whether the electronic waybill for dangerous goods is filled in timely and accurately according to the requirements; for the driver, we will focus on checking the implementation of the daily safety education and training and management system, whether there is excessive speed, fatigue driving, deliberate damage, and arbitrary shutdown of the satellite positioning device Behavior and other issues.

The special action will implement dynamic sales management of hazardous chemicals transportation companies and vehicles that have detected hidden dangers, formulate rectification plans one by one, achieve the 'five implementation' of responsibilities, measures, funds, time limits and plans, and promote closed-loop management of hidden dangers. For those involved in illegal operations during the inspection, the 'four laws' will be strictly implemented, that is, all units with serious illegal operations will be ordered to suspend production for rectification, and supervision measures will be strictly implemented; for illegal operations and rectification of hidden dangers that have not yet met the requirements All relevant units and persons responsible for illegal business operations shall be subject to top-level punishment; all relevant units and persons who violate the law shall be strictly investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.

At the same time, the city will also establish a 'three-color management' system to mark the hazardous chemical vehicles inspected and rectified one by one. The green vehicles are ready for operation, the yellow vehicles must be put into operation after the rectification and acceptance, and the red vehicles must be stopped immediately. . Relevant vehicles will also be jointly signed and endorsed by the traffic law enforcement department, transportation enterprises, and territorial governments, and they will be registered one by one.
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