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We pay attention to logistics back to Taiwan from the mainland?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
As both the mainland and Taiwan culture, life of frequent exchanges, commute has become a more frequent norm. Because of the differences of their political environment, logistics checked passed through customs control. So we need to pay attention to those we logistics from the mainland to Taiwan? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, the leading international logistics in China, the deepening of international logistics in the field of professional and well known all over the customs policy, now under the small make up to share with you: 1, Taiwan, Taiwan customs policy provisions of customs; Home residents in Taiwan back half a year in Taiwan can be used outside of duty-free entry items, furniture; If more than half a year or more away from home last time may be a tariff. 2, all non carry goods return, the recipient must be filled in in the transit airport customs customs declaration of the republic of China, such as home entry did not fill in this form; Entry clearance items that may have collects pay custom duty. In the process of customs clearance consignee without arrived at the customs office. 3. Return back to Taiwan must provide personal customs clearance documents; Id card/passport of the front right ( There are pictures) Copy/back to the table entry stamp copy/ticket stub form the republic of China customs declaration form/packing list and Marine bill of lading. Note 1, each family is allowed only a stove, a refrigerator, a dryer, air conditioning, TV, acoustics, dehumidifying agent, amplifiers, revolving stage, speakers, tape recorders, receiver. Everything, as long as the number of more reasonable, is to collect taxes. 2, the above items must be personal items to use, if it is new, should remove the original packaging, repackaging, avoid the high tariffs. 3, medicine, food, the liquid is not recommended to carry; As a small amount of need when doing the list may not reflect the detailed item description. 4, as are all the cartons checked items, suggest to accept VIPU international logistics Supply Chain custom packaging solutions; Wrap film hit and reinforcement. Can reduce the loss, and the possibility of damage; So a few small volume change. 5, returning back to Taiwan can choose electronic channel clearance, walks the agency or its website to download entry records; If you are still in the mainland, but the signature of the entrusted agent in Taiwan to carry you entrust letter and identity card copies to the agency records to be obtained.
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