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Watch products sent to fba Amazon warehouse to

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-12
Ms. Li opened a shop on the Amazon platform and has her own factory in Shenzhen, mainly making watch products. In the near future, she plans to send a batch of watch products to fba in the United States. She searched fba head logistics through Baidu, and in many advertisements, she was deeply impressed by VIPUTRANS of Sino-US special shipping line. So Ms. Li consulted on the VIPUTRANS official website. Through the communication with customer service joanna, she also got a general understanding of the business scope of VIPUTRANS, and left her mobile phone number and QQ number. Soon VIPUTRANS salesperson Owen called to communicate in detail.

Through communication, Owen has a general understanding of Miss Li’s cargo information. She has about 10 square watch products to be sent to the Amazon warehouse. Owen, the salesperson, also chose the shipping method of Fba Headway Haijiapai for Ms. Li, and quoted the full price of FBA shipping in the United States. This price is relatively transparent. The reservation fee will be reimbursed and will not be charged to other US ports. . Ms. Li was also quite satisfied with the transportation plan, and the price was considered ok. The two parties soon reached an agreement and cooperated.

VIPUTRANS, as a professional fba headline service maker for China-US dedicated shipping lines, has rich operating experience in Amazon fba shipping for many years. Only Ms. Li provides specific cargo information and the reservation information of the Amazon warehouse. Other cumbersome process information can be Shuangqing shipping to door. This series of operating procedures are very simple and does not require customers to worry too much. It really makes customers worry-free throughout the whole process. Choose VIPUTRANSfba Amazon service, I believe it will bring you surprises!
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