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Warehouse Management Software

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

Warehouse management software, also known as WMS, is a major component of keeping track of inventory and control of what is stored in the warehouse. The goal of using WMS is the safe receiving of materials for storage, secure storage of those materials and having a procedure for what goes in, what's in storage, what goes out, where and why it is shipped out and what materials are selected for processing.

Warehouse management software takes the guesswork out of keeping inventory records. Moreover it does so without the hours of paperwork doing this data collection used to take. WMS records are up-to-the minute accurate.

Warehouse management software assists staff in storing inventory in specific easy-to-retrieve containers so that I can be retrieved quickly. WMS also avoids misplacing stock or having stock that is unaccounted for. WMS can eliminate loss or theft of inventory.

Warehouse management software provides fast and efficient retrieval of stock. Thus when items are required for shipping they can be selected, packaged and a record kept of what went out, when it left, how it is being transported, when and where it will arrive at its destination. This eliminates loss or theft en route.

Tracking devices provide efficiency and accuracy in warehouse management software Tracking devices can be as simple of barcode scanners or as sophisticated as wireless LANs. Auto id capturing devices include radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Tracking devices are also known as identification technology. The WMS is able to trace the inventory both in and out of where it is being stored. Tracking technology gathers data and utilizes it to create batch synchronization. Tracking technology can send data through wireless transmission to a central depot. The data can be used to write reports about warehouse stock.

Ultimately, it is the purpose of warehouse management system software to create computerized records and procedures for handling such processes as: receiving stock, accepting returns, packaging stock and shipping it from the central storage location. WMS can also look after racking the merchandise for easy and fast retrieval. Warehouse management systems simplify ordering inventory, moving it and the logistics management of the stock. Several IT businesses provide Warehouse management systems software. WMS can be a stand-alone system or it can form a part of an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and even enable chain execution of an inventory system. ERP handles both internal and external ties to the warehouse.

The main task of a warehouse management system is to monitor, control and report the flow of warehouse stock in and out of the storage location. WMS tracks the storage, and shipping of inventory and provides an accurate real time record of stock status.

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