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Want to duty-free logistics to Australia you must meet these conditions

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
According to some authoritative statistics institutions, according to data released as of December 31, 2016, 2016, the year the number of Chinese immigrants has reached more than 9. 3 million people, is the world's fourth largest exporter of immigrants. The top three Chinese immigrants of destination is the United States, Canada and Australia, respectively, both geographical climate, education resources, or developed the country has absolute advantage. Everyone knows that new immigrants in many countries have a chance to duty-free logistics, but the duty-free logistics opportunity is not to say that any items are eligible. Many want to immigrant to Australia's friends want to know when the shipping logistics goods duty-free conditions, small make up to smooth your to you today, want to emigrate to Australia friends can see, the tax exemption conditions whether you meet. According to the latest Australian government regulations, local citizens of the new immigrants, or living abroad, can be in residence ( Is China) Personal items belonging to use more than one year and individual property tax into the territory of Australia. Attention to look at the requirements: must be used more than a year of personal belongings. That some people will ask: if I bought new furniture also want to tax exemption to the territory of Australia do? Also it is important to note that after I enter Australia should timely apply to the customs duty-free logistics, or after the period of validity to duty-free logistics is difficult. Here small make up to the popular science to apply for exemption under customs clearance logistics to Australia, you need the information provided are: the passport photo page and visa page copy and private goods duty-free entry application form ( Number: B534) ( This form can be obtained to the customs) 。 Australia has very high on the country's environmental requirements, anything that might damage the ecological environment of the items will be strict inspection, be very careful when new immigrants in the packaged goods. After the goods arrived at the port of destination in Australia, you must cooperate with the international logistics lp to customs clearance in person, not timely clearance may be expensive storage charges. We all know that foreign any link cost is not cheap, don't want to generate additional costs must always focus on logistics progress of transportation of goods. The years VIPU international logistics Supply Chain has thousands of up for immigration exemption logistics to the success of Australia, we have to do for you all logistics operations, you only need to home quietly waiting for the goods in Australia. Through the above introduction, believe everybody for duty-free details of logistics to Australia, if there are other questions, you can choose the computer in the top right corner of the any contact with VIPU Supply Chain international business consultant to communicate, you want to know anything about the problem of international logistics where you can get more information.
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