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US West, US East Basic Port

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-18

   US territorial distribution: Alaska in northwestern Canada and the continental United States plus the Hawaiian Islands, a total of 50 states.

  Mexi: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Seattle, Oakland, etc.

   East America: New York, Savannah, Baltimore, Mai Ami, Houston, Norfolk, Jacksonville, Charleston, etc.

  Each ship owner is different, and the basic port of call is different. You need to know clearly according to the schedule.

   1. Definition and difference between ALLWATER and MLB:

   MLB: The mode of transportation after the ship is docked at the basic port in the west of the United States and travels by land bridge to each inland point.

  ALLWATER: The mode of transportation after the ship takes the full waterway to dock at the basic port of the East of the United States through land transportation or transfer to various inland points or other non-basic ports

   Generally speaking, the freight rate of the US East Basic Port is about 5/3 of the US West Basic Port. If you are not clear when you quote, you can roughly estimate it. Basic shipping costs are roughly: 40‘GPX75%=20’GP, 40‘GPX125%=40’HQ

   2. Restrictions on the US line.

The goods to the United States have strict restrictions on the name and weight. The name is mainly related to the freight rate, and the weight is mainly related to local regulations. Generally speaking, the small cabinets in the inland point should not exceed 17 tons, and the large cabinets should not. If it exceeds 19 tons, the specific requirements of different states will also be different, but the weight control of the basic port is relatively lax, and the shipowner's requirements are mostly reflected in the weight of the bill of lading. However, for stability, you should also pay attention to confirm.

  3. Specific sailing conditions of different shipowners

   (1) Currently there are shipowners to the US:





  C. The port of departure is called at the dock: within the island-EVERGREEN/LT/CSCL/APL,


   (2) Analysis on behalf of shipowners:

  NORASIA: The price on the market is low, only to the US West Basic Port (USWC), the transportation mode is direct flight.

MSC: The lowest price in the market, you can call the US West Basic Port (USWC) and the US East Basic Port (USEC), the US West direct flights on Sunday, the US East transits through Chiwan on Wednesday, and can provide transfer to the United States through MLB or ALLWATER Inland point, but the service is unstable, especially in the peak season, it is prone to shortage of cabins and containers.

LT: The basic ports in the West Coast and East Coast of the United States have fewer advantages. The main advantages are reflected in the inland points transited by MLB. The service is relatively stable, and it is recognized by the guests of the destination port. The freight rates of many inland points More competitive than MSC, the whole journey can reach the destination in about 25 days.

HANJIN: It is a first-class shipowner with a relatively stable shipping schedule and a strong destination port agency network, and the terminal in the United States belongs to HANJIN, which can help customers pick up the goods in the shortest time. The U.S.-Western direct ships on Wednesday are the fastest, and the services at the inland point are more in place, but the price is higher, and it is suitable for shipping products with higher value, such as clothing.

APL: Its predecessor was a US state-owned shipping company. It is now acquired by another Singapore company. It is the most stable and fastest to take the whole waterway to NEWYORK. It can be completed in 26 days. It can also be reached in 12 days by SEATTLE. It is the fastest in Xiamen. Shipowners, the service is relatively stable. Although most of the goods pass through Hong Kong, there is generally no such situation as other shipowners throwing counters at transit ports.

CSCL: The company is investing more and more power to develop the US routes and has also made progress. The speed to the western port of the United States has been improved, and it can be reached in 13 days. The ship schedule is changed to Monday, which is more beneficial to traders. Operation. The freight rate of the US East is relatively moderate, but the disadvantage is that the advantage of the inland point is not obvious, and the freight rate is relatively high.
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