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US Canada Line

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-17
1. Canada:
(TORONTO and MONTREAL are all transferred in VANCOUVER)
1) Shekou closes on Friday, generally closes at 23:00 on Friday, and releases at 12:00 on Saturday. The cut-off replenishment is Thursday at 10:00 am; Yantian is closed on Tuesday, generally Tuesday at 12:00 noon, the afternoon: 5:00 cut-off, and the replenishment is Monday morning at 9:00. In addition, if you want to do CWI , Booking must be clearly indicated, to notify the shipping company to the terminal, and then the terminal informs the dealer where to do;
2) ZIM's billing fee is RMB 50.00;

3) ZIM free cabinet rental is only 3 days, if you have a long outbound time, you must apply for free cabinet rental with the shipping company when booking;
4) ZIM can book Zhongshan start to Canada, but it is necessary to book in advance, because ZIM does not have a cabinet in Zhongshan, the shipping company is a customer to book a ferry from Shekou to Zhongshan, if the cabinet has been arranged to ferry, and the customer cancels, the ferry cabinet The shipping company needs to collect with us, so we must confirm with the customer
China Shipping
1) At present, YANTIAN is currently closed on Tuesday (weight cut off at 9:00 am, cut off at 12:00 noon, cut off replenishment on Monday afternoon). Price and product name should be written when booking, and CC will be given to SALES.

2. HALIFAX: It belongs to eastern Canada, but it is not the same line as VAN/TOR, etc.
Shipping company: ZIM is the same water vessel as COLON FREE ZONE, and each water must be reconfirmed during the cut-off period.

Second, the United States: divided into the West and East
1. Messi:

China Shipping
1) There are two water vessels to LA/LB, LB Yantian is closed on Monday and Tuesday, and LA Yantian is closed on Friday and Sunday (China Shipping Port and Port LA, LB can also be interchanged, for example: the cut off on Monday can also show that the port of discharge is LB /Port of destination is LA).
2) China Shipping's AMS (AUTOMATED MANIFEST SYSTEM) is $25.00.
3) The weight limit in the United States is very strict. The general cargo weight of the inland points of China Shipping does not exceed 17236/20', 19958kgs/40'&40'HQ, otherwise the overweight surcharge USD150/20', USD300/40'GP&40'HQ will be charged; If it exceeds 20900KGS/20GP, 22500KGS/40GP and HQ will not be transferred. But China Shipping Basic Port can be a little heavier.

1) MSC only depends on LB, there are two water boats every week: Chiwan cut off on Saturday (normally cut off at 5:00 in the afternoon, and release at 12:00 on Sunday), Yantian cut off on Monday (generally at 5:00 on Monday afternoon Weight cut off, cut off at 12:00 on Tuesday)

MSC: Mainly order NEW YORK, there are generally two ways: one is the all-water land (ALL WATER), the ship schedule is relatively slow, arrives in about 29 days, and the other small land bridge (MINI-LIND BRIDGE, referred to as MLB), from the United States After unloading the cabinet in the west, the rail transportation to the designated ports on the east coast generally takes 3-6 days.
China Shipping
1) Yantian often has two flights: Thursdays and Saturdays and Tuesdays and Thursdays, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are tight.
2) Shekou also has it, but the cabin is not very easy to handle, it can only be confirmed temporarily when booking.
3) In addition to writing the contract number, price and product name when booking, you must also indicate the port of shipment, mode of transport, etc., as well as the port of transit (the attached page contains the introduction of China Shipping's US-Canada route)


1) Generally through Nianfeng booking cabin, the booking is relatively small, it is the ship of Shekou Thursday, ALL WATER;
2) US weight limit: 17,500KGS/20’; 18,500KGS/40’&40’HQ; CHICAGO, IL all cabinets have a weight limit of 15,000KGS

3. ROCKDAL/RIDGWY is an inland point (transportation terms: CY-DOOR), postcode 60436, only left to order, generally take Zhonghai, transfer in CHICAGO, there are two ships from China Shipping to CHICAGO: open on Friday and Sunday (VIA LA) Open on Tuesday and Wednesday (VIA VANCOUVER)
4. ATLANTA is generally equipped with MSC, and the port of destination on S/O is displayed as FAIRBURN instead of ATLANTA, because FAIRBURN is the name of the station of Atlanta, so the transportation terms are still CY-CY;
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