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urban farmers grow veggies in freight containers

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-30
The future of urban agriculture may require farmers to think in boxes.
Farmers here are growing vegetables in modified cargo containers equipped with the latest hydroponics and automation system equipment.
They\'re from Boston.
A company based on a freight farm.
\"The future farm,\" says Phoenix\'s Mark Norton, the fresh farm he picks grows kale and lettuce in one of the containers.
The freight farm started in 2010 with the goal of providing viable space for customers.
Efficient agricultural technology for all climate and skill levels throughout the yearround.
It recently expanded to Arizona.
Cars are not cheap.
Each container--
A common type of train, truck, or ship ---
$85,000 excluding shipping charges.
According to the freight farm, the annual profit per container averaged $39,000.
Caroline casilubas, director of marketing at freight farm, said the urban area is the most popular destination for its equipment and the expansion has spread throughout the country.
Norton, the freshly picked Farm, is not a farmer most people think.
The closest person to farming in his family was his grandfather, who raised it when he was a child, but that didn\'t stop Norton.
\"If I can get a better environment, better food, help people provide food, and still help people stay healthy, that\'s where everything is,\" Norton said . \".
\"This is consistent with my core values.
\"He recently harvested the first batch of lettuce, but he has looked forward to the future and harvested 10-
The annual target is expanded to 10 containers.
\"I just wanted to do it as a hobby, but these things, there is a need, and no one really satisfies it,\" Norton said . \".
Norton is one of only two freight farmers in Arizona, but the idea of competition does not bother him.
\"I think there is enough space to have a bunch of things like this,\" he said . \".
Heather simurra, who is together?
She and her husband Brian had a twisted infusion farm and agreed.
Glendale hotels in arritz
The company was the first freight farm in Grand Canyon state, and Szymura said she wanted to see more farms come to Arizona because her company was unable to feed everyone on its own.
She has been working in urban agriculture for 12 years and has gardens and plant walls in front and back yards.
Latest version, 7 stars-
On the side of her house is a ton container.
In a year, 320square-
The foot container can produce the equivalent of three-acre farm.
The freight Farm says it also saves water and uses 5 to 10 gallons of water a day, 95% less than the traditional farm.
Water is delivered in nutrients.
Based on a rich system of water culture, a method of planting plants without soil.
It doesn\'t look natural to grow green leafy vegetables inside, but farmers not only think that the process is natural, but it is the best.
Norton is proud to be free of genetically modified organisms, pesticides and herbicides.
The environment is controlled, so there is no reason.
This container can hold 50 to 100 pounds lettuce per week.
The farm uses the spectrum used in photosynthesis, the red and blue stripes, to improve efficiency as much as possible.
The machine automatically adds water and nutrients to the plant.
All notifications can be traced back to an app on the phone that allows farmers to track everything from sowing to harvesting.
The freight farm says the process takes about 7 weeks on average, and depending on the environment, it\'s actually almost double that of a traditional farm.
This optimization is more diverse than what the grocery store offers.
Katsiroubas of the freight Farm says it allows farmers to focus on the features they want due to efficiency.
This is one aspect of agriculture that Szymuras enjoys, and it allows them to experiment more and try different plants and techniques.
Kale grown at temperature, water-and light-
Controlling freight cars makes the factory sweeter and softer, Norton said.
It is also healthier, he said, because it travels farther and farther, and there are fewer local produce.
The ability to support local is part of attracting Szymuras.
They get as much agricultural and water supply as possible from local suppliers.
These produce are sold locally and containers enable them to easily educate people about the seeds of urban agriculture and harvesting.
Szymura especially likes to watch the process from beginning to end.
Sowing starts with a tray that keeps the best light and temperature, then moves to the tower that contains rows and encircles more LED lights.
This is what her clients like to see.
Many of the customers who distort the infusion are chefs who come in to see what will come next and appreciate themselves even being able to pick the product.
Caters can have their products from farm to table on the same day.
The system, along with the ability to easily switch crops, also allows chefs to place specific orders and know that it will be ready when they need it.
Norton pays more attention to restaurants and individuals through members of the community support agriculture, subscribe-
Such as a system for customers to buy local food.
Norton expects that most of the selected fresh farm businesses will come from this, but he has also started selling samples of his products to restaurants.
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