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by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-02
UPS Courier ( 联合包裹服务) Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in Seattle, Washington, USA, is a global company, its brand is one of the well-known trademark in the world. As the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company, as well as transportation, logistics, capital, and the leading provider of e-commerce services. VIPUTRANS international logistics is UPS international express at the domestic level agents, price concessions, the customs in many countries, have priority in air, is your best choice. Scope - China UPS international express delivery agency service advantage Price - service covering 220 countries and regions 3 - is the Chinese UPS Courier official price 6 fold aging - 2 - global delivery Completed for the query - 5 working days Online query in detail all the parcel delivery information on the day of receipt, number when the sunrise, the next day sent to the destination UPS international express billing provisions UPS international express 21 kg less than 500 g to 500 g the following calculation, calculate according to the 1 kg more than 21 kg less than 1 kg, volume weight and actual weight, take big billing actual weight: items after packing, weighing the weight of the together. ( In terms of kilograms KG) 。 Volume weight calculation formula: long & times; Wide & times; High ( cm) ÷ 5000 = volume weight ( Kg) Price rates: price query function is used to calculate surcharge: remote fee and fuel surcharge tariff related: destination country imports may produce tax return: return service test items: limited restrictions in international aviation terms of items such as: magnets, inflammable, explosive, offensive weapons, liquid, powder, granule, chemicals, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, documents, money, reactionary pornographic books and newspapers, carrier and other airlines and countries such as test of limited items. The requirements of service FAQ UPS international express invoice? 1. Goods package class, required to provide three copies to the senders company called rise of the commercial invoice or proforma invoice. Have the sender, recipient, English on the invoice of goods name, quantity, country of origin, unit price, total price, invoice number and other information, and the signature or seal. 2, UPS international express mail the valuables? For high value items, suggest to buy insurance. And the attached detailed list of goods. 3, UPS international express how to distinguish between express type besides business letters belong to file documents and data, the rest of the wrapper class. Express shall not send cash, cheque and other securities. 4 special certificate or customs clearance data, UPS international express delivery does not send the problem because of address error, or unable to express the cause of the customs clearance was returned, the sender must bear the product cost. If the sender does not need to return, can try to apply for in situ destroyed.
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