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UPS Courier _VIPUTRANS Hong Kong UPS international express delivery, Hong Kong

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-18
UPS in 190 as a messenger company was founded in Seattle, Washington, USA is a global company, its brand is one of the well-known trademark in the world. As the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company, as well as transportation, logistics, capital, and the leading provider of e-commerce services. Now has developed into a large company with $36 billion assets. Today UPS, or united parcel service company, is a global company - UPS international express delivery agency service advantages of Hong Kong Price - service covering 220 countries and regions Is Hong Kong UPS Courier 3 - official price 6 fold aging - 2 - global delivery Completed for the query - 5 working days Online query in detail all the parcel delivery information on the day of receipt, number when the sunrise, the next day sent to the destination UPS international express provisions of Hong Kong DHL billing 21 kg less than 500 g to 500 g the following calculation, calculate according to the 1 kg more than 21 kg less than 1 kg, volume weight and actual weight, take big billing actual weight: items after packing, weighing the weight of the together. ( In terms of kilograms KG) 。 Volume weight calculation formula: long & times; Wide & times; High ( cm) ÷ 5000 = volume weight ( Kg) Test items: limited restrictions in international aviation terms of items such as: magnets, inflammable, explosive, offensive weapons, liquid, powder, granule, chemicals, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, documents, money, reactionary pornographic books and newspapers, carrier and other airlines and countries such as test of limited items. Service common problems of Hong Kong UPS international express delivery note? UPS packing UPS refuse to accept the bad goods, such as, because of poor packaging appear express damaged, some are not be lost or delay compensation restrictions on the size and weight size volume: single maximum length of 270 cm; Single biggest size: long + circumference: [ ( 2 x wide) + ( 2 x ? High) ] = 330 cm weight limit: single maximum weight of 70 kg; If UPS international express accept over the weight limit condition, excess super-long RMB 378 for each package. UPS non-standard packaging must raise RMB 40. 0 / cost, displays in: ( 1) Unilateral over 152 cm long, or more than 76 cm long? RMB 40 per piece of Hong Kong UPS international express customs clearance process? One, for single & ndash; — To the forwarder or shipping company in sign the D/O. Second, electronic declaration & ndash; — Computer video, document examination, send and contact the customs/release. Three, inspection & ndash; — Electronic declaration released after the customs declaration by four united as one of the league to commodity inspection bureau to deal with the formalities that quotation, knock out the customs form or three chapter. Four, the receipt & ndash; — The customs receipt on site. Five, inspection & ndash; — The customs according to the declaration name of regulatory conditions, and on the day of inspection probability for inspection, if there is any inspection will quote inspection notice. Six, release & ndash; — Hong Kong UPS international express customs banned exports? Contraband: alcoholic beverages, animal fur, The domesticated) , the valuables, For example, art, antiques, precious stones, and gold and silver articles) / dangerous goods, dangerous goods, small arms, fur, ivory and ivory products, live animals, currencies and securities, spoiling goods, belongings, Except to the United States and Canada) Seeds, plants, pornography, and the average value of stamps, tobacco and tobacco products, deliver goods separately in certain countries or regions also provides some prohibited or restricted the transport of goods. To comply with the requirements of the current government of each country or region applies or law is the responsibility of the shipper.
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