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Under what circumstances will charge customs inspection fee?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Choose the customer shipping logistics, sometimes encounter customs inspection fees charged by the international logistics lp, and the customs inspection belongs to the extra cost, need to pay for themselves, so the customs inspection fee what is going on? In international logistics, the fixed costs, such as the door packaging fee and delivery fee, material fee, customs clearance of before and after the shipment fees, etc. , are included in the quotation scheme, refers to the customs inspection fees due to customs inspection fee, the fee is random, which means that, if met customs inspection will charge inspection fee, without touching the natural didn't, so general logistics lp in the quotation does not include the inspection fee. Before we understand the customs inspection fee, we first take a look at why there are customs examination. Examination is an important means of customs supervision, customs declaration is just a program, the customs will be according to your own experience, for some sensitive commodity according to the time of the policy have been supervised random spot check and inspection, sometimes in monitor instruction is pointed out in the above check what kind of information. At the time of inspection will open box to check with customs declaration data are consistent, such as name, quantity, weight, declare value, and so on information, confirm whether there is a tax fraud, to escape the commodity inspection, the HS code classification is not correct. It is important to note that the inspection fee of refers to the customs inspection fee, not referring to the customs of the inspection fee. When the customs inspection, in fact there is no charge for customs inspection, but because the inspection was conducted in the port area, to split open a case in the process of inspection, loading and unloading and sealing operation, so the owner of the goods and the agent must move the goods to the designated by the customs inspection sites, split the packing according to the requirements of the customs, in the process of using the terminal resources and costs of artificial will have to be borne by the guests themselves. The costs of inspection: inspection fees, un-loading fee, authorize, port fees, fees, crane, weighing, short barge fee, storage charge, KaiXiangFei, handling fee, seals, etc. The customs stop shipment inspection will produce leave box fee; The goods under the condition of impurity is not easy to find more produce clear box fee; The above fee calculated on a box. In case of inspection buckle goods will produce the cost of packing list, tally. The above fee is a FCL to need to bear the cost of inspection. If you choose by sea spell ark, encounter customs inspection, this as the case may be, if is to use their head to declare, the inspection fee is borne by the respective; And unified bill declare, split the cost. This is because the customs inspection rate and declare itself will look up and name, and value and the influence of the unit price, therefore, the inspection of expenses shall be borne by nature is to be fair. As for the specific cost, how many different countries charge standard, such as when encountering the inspection, the international logistics lp will tell you. Due to inspection fee has many charging units, and the international logistics lp with the charging units of the method of payment is not the same, some are on the spot FuXianChao, charging units will open indicating the cost of the ticket goods, some of them are monthly statement, no separate invoice. So international logistics lp won't be able to show the specific charges to guest department issued inspection fees invoice, can only indicate the listing the various fees, if the guest does not believe that the international logistics lp cost, to verify the details you can talk with the charging units rates.
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