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Umbrella exports to the United States choose VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-13
Mr. Zhao has always been engaged in the export trade of umbrellas. In the past two years, he has been exposed to the operation of the Amazon platform and found that the sales in the US market are also considerable, so he has also increased investment and operation in Amazon. Recently, however, Mr. Zhao is more distressed about Fba Toucheng logistics, because the freight forwarding company previously worked with has poor timeliness and caused some goods to be lost, so Mr. Zhao decided to find a reliable and professional Sino-US logistics and transportation maker. . Searching for Sino-US dedicated line logistics through Baidu, Mr. Zhao found VIPUTRANS, a cross-border logistics company, and also saw many successful cargo transportation cases on the website, so he called Manager Zhou to communicate. Soon Manager Zhou also gave Zhao Sheng the corresponding quotation plan. As Zhao Sheng pays more attention to the issue of timeliness, Zhou's suggestion here is to take the international express DHL (China-US), the price of oil is 38 yuan/KG, 71KG-150KG , The price remains the same throughout the year, and it is common throughout the United States. Generally, it is 1-2 working days to withdraw. Zhao Sheng is also quite satisfied with this quotation plan, and mainly through a series of communication with VIPUTRANS Manager Zhou, he felt very professional information feedback, and also learned that VIPUTRANS has certain strength and transportation experience in the special line transportation between China and the United States, so Cooperate soon and feel relieved to deliver the goods to VIPUTRANS for transportation.
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