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Syfan Logistics Delivers Time-Sensitive Load for

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-31
Automotive Logistics, LogisticsSyfan coordinated 36 full truckloads to ship 6,000 transmissions to its customer’s Allen Park, Michigan, warehouse within the one-week deadline.The ChallengeSyfan Logistics recently was approached by a customer in the automobile manufacturing industry with a time-sensitive project. The manufacturer needed to transfer 6,000 auto transmissions—approximately 36 full truckloads—from its supplier in South Carolina to the company’s warehouse in Allen Park, Mich.Due to a tight manufacturing schedule, Syfan was asked to move the entire shipment within a week.The manufacturer originally spoke with several of its carriers in hopes of piecing together a plan, but eventually realized it would take the full attention and coordination of a single carrier. After logistics discussions with its carriers, the automobile manufacturer settled on partnering with Syfan to tackle the challenging project and deadline. The SolutionThere were several reasons that Syfan was a good fit for this project. For one, Syfan’s headquarters north of Atlanta in Gainesville, Ga., is within 100 miles from the transmission supplier in South Carolina. Syfan also had a lot of experience with similar projects, not just in the auto industry but with time-sensitive loads for food companies and other diverse customer segments. Another factor, more of an intangible, was simply Syfan’s positive attitude.Syfan and the automobile manufacturer were early into their relationship, and the Syfan professional team viewed the difficult project as critical to building further trust toward a long-term partnership. It was more than a job—it was a huge opportunity.The Syfan team knew the project would allow them to showcase their abilities and “never say no” approach to business. Syfan particularly prides itself on taking difficult jobs on short notice and finding solutions for its customers. Never considering failure as an option, the Syfan professionals ran with the project and completed the task flawlessly, piecing together 36 truckloads to ship all 6,000 transmissions to the customer’s Allen Park warehouse within the one-week deadline.Along the way, Syfan’s 24-hour in-house dispatch team was in constant communication with the customer, providing updates in its typical transparent fashion. In quick turnaround assignments like this one, it is vital to keep the customer informed to avoid confusion and concerns.What separates Syfan from competitors is its ability to service these special jobs. Its team members accept challenging situations and actually enjoy the competitive challenge of meeting seemingly impossible transport projects under difficult deadlines.Syfan Logistics’ larger goal is to always provide customers with a competitive advantage through superior transportation and logistics services. It consistently strives to meet and exceed expectations of service through timely communication and quality information.Syfan management has always preached to its team members: “You’re only as good as your last load.”In this case, it was delivering 6,000 transmissions on time with zero stress or drama.To learn more:email: info@syfancorp.comphone: 855-287-8485web: www.syfanlogistics.com
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