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Supply Chain Management Threading Through The

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

Globalization of the business enterprises has only placed them in challenging situations to meet the demands of new age customers. This has further given rise to the upswing in the spending activities of the organizations to gain a competitive advantage. Irrespective of the size and industry sector, supply chain management is thus considered as one of the core functions of every enterprise. Organizations also tend to make use of their supply chain to gain enough market shares.

Where then does the supply chain originate in an organization? A critical view showcases its beginning from the collection and storage of raw materials to inventory, work-in-progress, manufacturing and production to delivery of goods and services. The process also involves managing the after market sales and reverse logistics of the organization. Ideally the supply chain management systems aims to reduce the inventory, through speedy transactions and real-time exchange of goods and services while creating a group of satisfied customers.

The innovations in the field of software development have given the new age organizations techno-savvy methods to handle the supply chain in a very efficient way. The cloud based order fulfillment system has paved way for the supply chain management companies to provide their strategically minded clientele business benefits in the form of nearly 30% reduction in logistics costs through order and shipment consolidation, 70% reduction in the administration staff on a global level, automated processing of the orders, reduction in stock and number of warehouses. Further, with an end-to-end real time visibility across the order fulfillment flow, has given organizations means to reduce the transport invoice charges with better shipment controls.

The supply chain management solutions offered by the leaders in the industry through their cloud process based order fulfillment process include among others, automatic handling of the distribution of goods from manufacturing sites to the warehouses and customers across the globe. Since these cloud process seamlessly integrates between the participants of the value network, it enables automatic and real-time exchange of information and documents across the offices located globally.

The end to end visibility across the supply chain enables effective logistics planning for mergers and consolidations leading to shortening of lead times, reduced costs and effective delivery and dispatch of goods irrespective of the distance. Besides these functionalities, the client organizations are also benefitted from operational expertise, network virtualization, world class servers and applications with on-demand scalability and flexibility offered by these new age supply chain management enterprises.

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