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Supply Chain Conferences Complement Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-30
Education & Careers, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Education, Supply ChainThe optimal way to understand the intricacies of today's supply chain environment is to participate in an educationally focused transportation conference.Andrew Slusher is President and CEO, SMC3, 800-845-8090The complex world of less-than-truckload transportation—pricing, routing, and everything in between—can seem overwhelming to new professionals just beginning their supply chain careers. Deciphering transportation regulatory changes and understanding the trickle-down impact of tariffs and other governmental decisions can likewise be out of reach to even the most seasoned LTL veteran.Unfortunately, experience in the field isn't easily gained. The optimal way to understand the intricacies of today's supply chain environment is to participate in an educationally focused transportation conference. Events hosted by a reliable company with decades of industry expertise arm attendees with new supply chain ideas and transportation tools.Q: Why isn't on-the-job LTL training sufficient?A: When learning on the job, new employees benefit from the experience of corporate leadership and other company veterans. That may be plenty when performing simple, everyday tasks, but to truly understand LTL and excel at your role as a carrier, 3PL, shipper, or technology provider representative, it's truly best to seek out new sources of information. Educational supply chain conferences provide attendees with focused panels and keynote speeches that are relevant not only to the work they do every day, but can also help further their supply chain careers. The networking opportunities are also invaluable, as these informal meetings are the best way to generate new contacts and maintain trusted business relationships.Q: What should attendees look for when considering what supply chain conferences to attend?A: Agenda, networking opportunities, and location are all extremely important factors when weighing how to spend valuable continuing education dollars. Look for conferences that encourage attendees to learn, collaborate, and explore new ways to make their businesses succeed. You can find this out by looking at a company's track record for putting on events, or even asking around in the industry about the best conferences to attend.The goal of the conference should be that every attendee returns to their respective companies refreshed, inspired, and ready to get down to business. Attendees should come back to work eager to make appropriate and informed decisions about supply chain challenges and opportunities based on the knowledge they've collected during the event. And remember, sometimes the greatest business opportunities arise during entertainment networking events or during scheduled mingling breaks throughout the conference day.If location is the deciding factor on the event, pick a conference that's near a major transportation hub. Atlanta, the transportation hub of the Southeast, has become one of the leading cities in technology infrastructure and is the best place to gather together and analyze the issues that will come to define the year ahead.SMC³'s next event, Jump Start 2020, will be held at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly in Atlanta from January 27-29. Learn more at smc3jumpstart.com.
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