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Summarizes several multinational logistics tips to save money worry

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
We all know that logistics is a huge project is both hard and expensive, to complete the whole process down exhausted, let alone a multinational logistics! VIPU Supply Chain jun did for so many years of international logistics business, to understand what the rules of the industry also has a point. Today VIPU Supply Chain it to summarize to you what time in the international logistics is both save money and tips to save worry, VIPU Supply Chain you usually won't easily say yo. How to save the logistics cost, logistics cost to first choose regular domestic or international logistics lp, don't find the street put small ads logistics lp, black is on their own after lest be deceived. You can seek advice in advance 2 ~ 3 home, choose a better logistics lp has certain popularity or reputation. Secondly to prepare, lest because of their causes the waste of time or money. How to save to save the time of logistics and logistics time first preparations to fully, to collect all the odds and into or packaging box, rectify. Second, can ask logistics lp to send more staff. Finally, to plan a reasonable time and trip, miss the rush hour and traffic routes. How the logistics of the worry to avoid airing a logistics, is the best way to sell all the old furniture and unnecessary everyday items, in the new home to buy a set of furniture. Although this approach has some luxury, but will give you a new feeling. But if your current home furniture is more rare or thrown away, you can choose a high cost performance international logistics lp to assist you to do a multinational logistics. How to avoid the collision items which box to logistics lp's personnel must indicate which items belong to the key protection object, or if possible to add on the box marked identity or the clues; Some fragile items or valuable items best handling; Personally oversee big move put household appliances; Some heavy or bulky furniture ( Such as cabinet, piano, etc. ) Should get a few more workers carrying, and someone beside the command; Fragile items or be afraid of pressure should be placed on the top, the loading, the first discharge. Some of the old building corridor is long and narrow, and often a cluttered, be careful not to encounter something next door, cause unnecessary trouble. International logistics after finishing: will the ground clean, table, chair, cabinet etc make up some everyday items, to ensure the normal order of life first commonly used items, some basic things you don't use at ordinary times can be put in storage room again after finishing as basic items in place in the home, the room is clean, tidy clothes, bedding, tablecloths, etc. In the end, can follow one's inclinations put some decorations in the room, add beauty to your new home. Damage claim work: for home appliances is damaged, should ask logistics lp is responsible for the maintenance cost, if the damage is difficult to use completely, should ask insurance company to compensate for the new product to replace. To the damage of the valuables, should please the relevant departments of the valuation to compensate for logistics lp reasons causing personal injury, logistics lp should be responsible for the medical expenses if a dispute settling process, it is recommended that you can look for consumers' association or the relevant departments to assist you to solve the problem. After VIPU above summary of Supply Chain king, I believe that everyone in international logistics will have a little understanding. Life is not easy, not many times of international logistics experience, hope VIPU Supply Chain jun this article can help you to also don't do international logistics. If you have other international logistics requirements, you can directly harassed online customer service, she will help you to solve many problems.
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