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Study abroad: sea can also carry luggage

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Many students study abroad have such doubt, graduated to leave the country, but have a lot of their own baggage, I don't know how to deal with. Can only throw away excess luggage to the customs, air transport, shipping and silly points not clear rules. Today VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small make up is the key to answer questions about the luggage by sea, solve all problems. Q: home development soon, a few years abroad accumulated a lot of things, reluctant to throw away, on a plane many overweight and too expensive, how can I have them shipped back? A: believe that each student home, packing is very headache thing. Even if only halfway home visit, each box is difficult to control have to be overweight, let alone a thoroughly all the baggage to move back home. This time, what should do to be the most cost-effective? Usually return the plane to check baggage in 30 kilograms, some clothes and with the gifts for family and friends will be able to transform the weight. So most people will choose to shipping, this is the most cheap, relatively is also can try to load the most things. First choose good transportation company, here to VIPU international Supply Chain, for example, of course the terms and services also need personal contact, compare again. These services are generally in the 60 - prices 80 pounds a carton, 35 kilograms weight limit. Some bags can't be in the shipping box, there are some materials need to provide to the company, such as passport, packing list, etc. , specific content to verify with the transportation company. After VIPU Supply Chain will be free will be delivered empty boxes and paper tape, such as box installed, can someone come take a box. Then basic need not tube, shipping companies will help formalities, inbound shipments requiring formal entries and outbound shipments to send the goods to the specified address in China. After shipping out, students can query baggage shipment status on the website directly, as well as the arrival time of the latest dynamic information. Usually by sea to China, probably need 2 - 3 months time. How to maximize the value of shipping, is to pack the clothes, compared to other things, clothes is the relatively light, other things, can throw, throw, to ensure the packing to keep up with the plane is the most need. In addition, the need to refund bag, clothes don't packing, in case the tax rebate need to look at. But in some cases, the sea is not the cheapest. When you need to carry some books, for example, will find that in the case of the same weight, air freight will be cheaper a few pounds, but in time, air freight only need two weeks. So the advantage of air is convenient and quick, time is short, if you feel shipping time is long, you can choose this way. Some students will invite mom and dad in his before returning to his country for a visit, this time is also a good time to move the a small part of the luggage home. Relatively speaking, boys luggage will be less than female students. If the route to friends, I can try can well some luggage from each other. In short, the international baggage although some trouble, it takes a lot of strength and energy, but make full use of the value of a good shipping, air transport, can let oneself home easily. Finally, to go abroad, study abroad back baggage, welcome consulting VIPU international Supply Chain:)
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