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Strengthen the shortcomings of aviation logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-31
   In recent years, my country's aviation logistics has made great progress, and has played an active role in deep participation in international cooperation and division of labor, serving major national strategies, and realizing the transformation and upgrading of economic structure. However, air logistics and transportation companies and all-cargo aircraft have a small number and scale, and their overall competitiveness is relatively weak. There is still a big gap between meeting economic and social development and national strategic needs.

At the National People’s Congress this year, Li Haiying, a representative of the National People’s Congress, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sichuan Airlines Group Co., Ltd., brought forward the 'Recommendations on Strengthening the Shortcomings of Aviation Logistics and Supporting the Development of Air Cargo', and proposed to further strengthen the top-level design and speed up the supplement It has a complete set of suggestions on shortcomings of cargo aircraft capacity, speeding up the improvement of the unbalanced regional development of air cargo, and improving the level of response and handling capacity of air cargo against major risks.

   'Although the development of my country's aviation logistics has accelerated in recent years, there is still a large gap between the overall level and the development of passenger transport.' Li Haiying said that regardless of the number of airlines or the number of airports, the gap between the development of air cargo and passenger transport is still large. From a regional perspective, the main bases and hubs of domestic cargo aviation companies are mainly concentrated in North China, East China and South China, and the regional development of air cargo is unbalanced. From the perspective of capacity structure, belly cabin transportation of passenger aircraft is still the main mode of air cargo transportation in my country, and all-cargo aircraft transportation volume is relatively low. In addition, air logistics companies are not highly specialized and lack competitiveness in the international air cargo market.

   After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia this year, civil aviation has greatly improved my country's air cargo capacity by vigorously promoting 'passenger plane cargo' and opening of 'green channels' for approval of cargo flights. 'But it also highlights the urgent need to strengthen the ability of my country's air cargo to undertake strategic transportation tasks at critical moments.' Li Haiying said.

   Affected by the epidemic, the international aviation market has almost shut down, and passenger aircraft capacity has been continuously reduced. Sichuan Airlines Group seeks new aircraft at a time when passenger traffic is at a slump, seizes market opportunities, increases the number of temporary charter flights, encrypts scheduled freighter routes, and launches 'passenger-to-cargo' charter flights. The three Airbus A330 all-cargo aircrafts pioneered by Sichuan Airlines at the end of last year came in handy in this epidemic. Since April 8th, Sichuan Airlines' first 'passenger-to-cargo' charter flight has flown from Chengdu to Tel Aviv. Currently, Sichuan Airlines' 'passenger-to-cargo' charter flights have covered Europe, North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. 'Sichuan Airlines International Cargo has grown against the trend.' Li Haiying said.

   'my country's air cargo development is still promising.' Li Haiying said. On March 24, the State Council’s executive meeting pointed out that effective measures should be taken to improve China’s international air cargo capacity, not only focusing on guaranteeing transportation and supply, supporting the domestic economy, but also promoting the enhancement of the international competitiveness of China’s logistics industry, which is a new development for China’s aviation logistics. A round of development has injected a strong heart. Recently, the Civil Aviation Administration has also issued a series of policy documents such as the 'Notice on the Establishment and Approval of 'Green Channels' for International Air Cargo during the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control', which has strongly promoted the improvement of my country's air cargo capacity.

   Li Haiying believes that in order to strengthen the shortcomings of aviation logistics, the top-level design should be further strengthened, and the reform and transformation of 'heavy passenger and light cargo' should be guided to 'passenger and cargo simultaneously' and then to 'passenger and cargo separation'. For example, encourage the establishment of all-cargo air transport enterprises, and use market-oriented means to improve the level of professional operations. At the same time, it is necessary to accelerate the completion of the shortcomings of cargo aircraft capacity and increase support for all-cargo aviation companies. Accelerate the improvement of the unbalanced regional development of air cargo, encourage and guide the government to introduce industrial guidance policies suitable for the development of local air cargo, and the central and western regions can accelerate the establishment of a group of cargo aviation companies that are based on local, radiate across the country, and have a global perspective. 'Air logistics should be incorporated into the combat readiness force in response to public emergencies and major crises, and the national air cargo should actively play its supporting role in building a global industrial chain in peacetime and quickly transporting national strategic materials in critical periods.' Li Haiying said.

Speaking of the 'Recommendations on Deepening Military-civilian Integration and Accelerating Airspace Management Reform' submitted at the National Two Sessions last year, Li Haiying told reporters that last year's proposal was highly valued by the State Council and the Civil Aviation Administration, and related policies and measures to accelerate airspace management reform have also been gradually followed. Introduced. At present, Sichuan Province’s low-altitude airspace comprehensive management reform pilot has achieved obvious results, and a new airspace management model has been established, which has largely solved the problems of general aviation’s 'cannot fly' and 'cannot fall', stimulated the vitality of general aviation development and promoted General aviation development in Sichuan Province.
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