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Stationery exports to the US Amazon warehouse

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-13
Recently, Ms. Ma was preparing to send a batch of stationery to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, and was in a hurry to ship it, so she consulted the Amazon fba head logistics channel online. After searching the China-US special line fba, Miss Ma found VIPUTRANS logistics, an international freight forwarding company. Because the transportation of goods was urgent, Miss Ma opened the phone of VIPUTRANS business manager Mr. Zhou to directly consult the quotation and specific operations. Ms. Ma’s goods include document file box sets, instrument rulers, box sealers and various pen products, but the total volume is not very large. In view of the fact that Ms. Ma pays more attention to the issue of logistics timeliness, Manager Zhou suggested to take international express delivery, and recently VIPUTRANS has the US DHL privileged agent, providing an advantageous price plan, with oil, 39 yuan/KG, 100KG+, generally 1-2 It's a working day, and it is common throughout the United States. Miss Zhou also felt that this price plan could meet her needs, so she agreed to this logistics channel, and soon the two parties also reached a cooperation.

Although it is the first time for Miss Ma to cooperate with VIPUTRANS, during the period, VIPUTRANS Manager Zhou also arranged logistics merchandisers to provide timely and efficient information feedback. Miss Ma is also very satisfied with VIPUTRANS' services. After this cooperation, Ms. Ma also felt that VIPUTRANS has professional China-US dedicated line transportation services. VIPUTRANS has online inquiry, online order, online tracking, and reached the customer's shared logistics information platform, forming a professional, informatized, and networked platform. The international express logistics management system. If you have any American Amazon fba first-haul transportation needs, please also call directly to inquire, we will provide you with a reasonable and efficient logistics transportation plan!
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