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Spring mattresses issued to the U.S. for re-export

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-07
   It is reported that the preliminary anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese mattresses will be officially announced at the end of May. Industry observers said that due to the shutdown of the US government, the formal implementation of anti-dumping duties was postponed for about 40 days.

Mattresses may increase taxes by 150%, cabinets and bathroom cabinets by 260%!-The United States is about to impose punitive tariffs on anti-dumping products from China, which is not good news.  

The prospect of the Sino-US trade war is still worrying, and this article has special significance for manufacturers, especially mattress, cabinet and bathroom cabinet manufacturers, which require special attention!

On February 15, 2017, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an announcement that it made a final anti-dumping administrative review of imported wooden bedroom furniture originating in China. The administrative review investigation was initiated by the U.S. Department of Commerce on June 6, 2016. The period is from January 1 to December 31, 2015. The customs codes of the involved products are 7009.92.1000, 7009.92.5000, 9403.20.0018, 9403.50.9041, 9403.50.9042, 9403.50.9045, 9403.50.9080, 9403.60.8081 , 9403.90.8041.

On March 9, 2016, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an announcement to make a final ruling of the anti-dumping rapid sunset review investigation on wooden bedroom furniture originating in China: If the anti-dumping measures are cancelled, the product involved in the case will damage the domestic industry in the United States by 198.08% The dumping margin continues to occur.

How to circumvent the US anti-dumping of spring mattresses? Transshipment in a third country can effectively solve the high anti-dumping duties in the United States! In order to protect the local industry, the United States imposes high anti-dumping duties on spring mattresses imported from China, making China's spring mattresses It is difficult for mattresses to enter the US market. However, they do not have anti-dumping duties on all countries. We transport spring mattresses to other countries or regions (such as Malaysia, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, etc.), change the container, and export these A full set of documents from a country or region (such as FORM A/CO, B/L, INV, PL, etc.), and then re-declare and export to the United States. The United States uses a full set of documents from a third place for customs clearance, so that high anti-dumping duties can be Effective circumvention, but at the same time, find some experienced and honest companies to serve (like Shengbao re-export has a good reputation in the market), so that we can more safely and reliably ship wooden bedroom furniture to the United States, while also avoiding High tariffs.

VIPUTRANS international logistics spring mattress re-export trade process is as follows:

VIPUTRANS first service port (Zhejiang Yiwu, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai) began to carry cargo (spring mattress), and the cargo was safely sent to the third country's transit port. The consignee was designated by our company. Our company is responsible for import customs clearance at the transit port to the transit port bonded zone.

  When the cargo is ready to depart from the mainland, our company will arrange the two-way sailing schedule according to your company's needs, do BOOKING, and wait for the first-way (China-transit port) ship to arrive at the port, promptly pick up the container and change the container in the bonded area. When changing cabinets, we will take photos of changing cabinets to ensure the integrity and safety of the goods.

After the exchange is completed, board a two-way (transit port-destination port) ship, get the bill of lading within about 3-5 working days, and use the bill of lading to do the third country certificate of origin (FORM A or C/O), B/L A full set of documents such as, K2, IVN&PL, endorsement, etc., and a full set of documents from a third country are used for customs clearance at the destination port.

   Spring mattresses re-exported to the United States packaging notes: can not have 'Made in China' logo, can not be 'imitation brand goods'. The outer packaging has different requirements depending on the region. Pure neutral packaging can be used in most European countries, and if it is to the United States, it must be marked with the origin. (Country where C/O is issued)

VIPUTRANS provides triple safety guarantees for export companies that require spring mattress re-export trade services:

  1. Cargo safety: Provide whole-process photo monitoring during the re-export process to ensure that the goods are not contaminated or damaged during the transit;

  2. Security of collection: Customers can directly collect payments from customers at the destination port through their offshore accounts, or entrust us to collect payments;

  3. Customer safety: Sign a detailed contract before shipment to ensure that the privacy of customers and the interests of customers are not harmed, which has legal effects

VIPUTRANS International Logistics Group has been engaged in China-US dedicated line logistics services for a long time. It is the first-hand Mason Express shipping makers. In the course of many years of business operations, it has accumulated rich resources in logistics and entrepot trade operations, and has cooperated with thousands of domestic cross-border communications The supplier reached a service agreement. In the United States FBA shipping, China's anti-dumping goods exported to the United States, the entire container re-export tax avoidance, Amazon FBA bulk cargo consolidation and other business fields, we have accumulated superior resources and rich operating experience. Friends from all industries are welcome to call us for consultation and negotiation.
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