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SPOTLIGHT | Materials Handling Innovations - Inbound

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-30
Materials Handling, Technology Senergy Motor Drive Rollers (MDRs): Senergy MDRs from PULSEROLLER can move materials at different speeds—designed for both lower-speed, heavy-duty applications such as pallet handling and high-speed carton or tote handling. The rollers can reach speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute, with a starting torque up to 215 in/lb. They're also quieter than a typical conversation. TiltSort-Bot AMR High-Speed Sortation System: The new TiltSort-Bot parcel and item sortation autonomous mobile robot system from Conveyco Technologies employs bots to get materials to order chutes via the shortest path. The TiltSort-Bot moves at up to 10 feet per second. Equipped with a tilt tray top, each bot completes its task and returns to the induction station for its next pick. Each chute position can be configured to handle one or two sortation locations. E-Z Reach Portable Container Tilters: These hydraulic units from Southworth Products tilt wire or plastic baskets, totes, and other large containers toward the user (up to 85 degrees) with the push of a button. The improved accessibility to materials increases worker productivity and reduces the risk of back injury. Equipped with front rollers and rear swivel casters, the tilters are easily pushed from one location to another for sharing between work cells. BG Sorter Compact CB Sortation System: The smart, high-capacity sortation system from BEUMER has a tight curve radius, which means it can be used in small spaces. The compact cross-belt loop sorter enables high-speed sortation while reducing per item handling costs. Offering a wide selection of tray widths and pitches, the system can handle items of various sizes and lengths. Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Large Parcel Singulator: This system from MHS transforms a bulk flow of packages into a single-file stream to feed automated sortation systems. Capable of handling up to 12,000 parcels per hour, the ARB Singulator uses a series of roller belts that operate at progressively increasing speeds, with more than 99% singulation accuracy. MHS uses computer vision to measure incoming flow, modulate conveying speeds, and cull side-by-side packages. A-Frame: This automated picking solution from Inther Group makes quick work of complex orders. It collects up to five products per second per ejector and offers stock management updates. A sensor calculates the height and number of items in the column while intelligent ejectors ensure products are processed quickly and safely. TAB Wrapper Tornado: The portable orbital wrapping machine from TAB Industries can be moved safely around the warehouse without requiring a lift truck. By moving the machine to the product, materials handling managers can minimize the risk of damage to products in process. The solution wraps plastic film 360 degrees around a pallet and its load to secure the load to the pallet and create a sturdy, unitized load without banding, boxing, or strapping. Flexytote: Scallog's Flexytote robot transfers multiple bins in warehouses, providing an alternative to conveyor/trolley workflow systems. It automates multi-bin transfer and bin/box loading and unloading operations in warehouses. The robot accelerates the picking of multiple orders while eliminating unnecessary movement and handling.
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