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Sportswear choose American Amazon fba LCL

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-15

Although Ms. Yang often helps customers contact freight forwarders, there is no special line logistics that makes Ms Yang particularly satisfied. When Ms. Yang was searching on the Internet to contact freight forwarders, she was recommended by a friend of VIPUTRANS US special line. After learning the basic information on the Internet, Miss Yang contacted the online customer service lisa, saying that it was introduced by a friend and needed to send 78KG of clothing to Arizona, USA, and asked about the price of Amazon fba LCL shipping.

Lisa informed Ms. Yang of the specific operation, only need to provide goods information and Amazon warehouse information, Amazon warehouse needs to make an appointment in advance, we can help to make an appointment for Amazon warehouse, and the goods sent to Amazon warehouse need to be palletized uniformly, Amazon fba LCL The shipping charge will be collected and reimbursed by the Amazon warehouse.

It takes about 15 days to arrive at the port by sea, and about 7 days for customs clearance, container picking, sorting, and truck arrangement. It will be delivered directly by American trucks to the customer address in New Jersey. All logistics information can be queried on VIPUTRANS official website with the tracking number. Grasp the latest logistics trends. After communication and comparison, the third day and Lisa reached the sea transportation agreement, 500KG clothes will be transported to the United States with the weekly special Amazon fba LCL transportation to the United States.
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