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Split the cost of detail shipping check furniture to Japan

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Ready to return in his country there are many Japanese or prepare to the resident, the immigrant students who study in Japan, need to carry some luggage furniture from China to Japan, then face a problem, logistics from China to Japan will take? Small make up in here for everyone to analysis: generally speaking, it usually luggage furniture shipped to Japan, because the volume is bigger, so choose the shipping way, relatively cost-effective, as for the specific cost, it will need to provide detailed information, including information items ( The weight, volume) , the place and the address of the destination, the international logistics lp customer service can give a reasonable quotation scheme, will no longer use among other reason to increase prices. Here to note, however, international logistics are more expensive than the cost of domestic logistics, so ready to logistics heart there is a need to prepare for friends. The cost of logistics from China to Japan made up of what? ( 1) Packing ( With wooden case or carton materials, the cost of the box door) ( 2) The door pick up the goods packing, inland transport, 3) Customs clearance fee ( 4) Port handling charges, 5) The sea freight, 6) Unskillful and wooden items fumigation fee, archaize documents ( If required) ( 7) The port of destination port customs clearance, miscellaneous, towing ( 8) Goods delivery, handle ( 9) Value-added services ( Split open a case, placement, packaging recycling) The above fees detail is only a fixed fee, there are other floating charge, such as inspection fee caused by customs examination, the cases of railway demurrage, due to item attributes do not conform to the Japanese customs policy of tariffs, consumption tax, floor handling fee (in Japan General international logistics lp only send the goods to the second floor and the following, than if no elevator are produced by the charge) And so on, these costs are likely, uncontrolled, produce international logistics customer service staff will show with you. Due to the logistics from China to Japan distance, time for a long time, in order to protect your goods safety, so you need to choose one of the international logistics lp. When we were in choosing international logistics lp, not only for economic reasons, also want to items from the aspects such as packing, customs clearance ability, here small make up teach you how to choose an appropriate international logistics lp. ( 1) Is a professional international logistics lp: professional international logistics lp is a specializes in international transportation of personal items, the international shipping details very familiar personal belongings, to provide customers with personal belongings customs clearance, clearance and personal belongings professional furniture baggage packing service, has considerable experience, at the same time also need to have professional organizations admit, such as the most really is the international logistics association ( IAM) Core member of the certification. Professional, how to determine whether a company can begin from the following: the first: new immigration overseas logistics can enjoy preferential policies of the destination countries, and only just can deal with client identity conform to the requirements of the relevant overseas logistics, if is a professional international logistics lp, at the time of consultation is generally the first step is to see the customer to comply with relevant regulations. Second: the new immigration overseas logistics carries items to comply with the requirements of the destination country laws, the general asked the customer to carry items are for personal use, and use fixed number of year of more than a year because conforms to the regulations, tax exemption, if it is a new items to declare the normal, destination customs according to the value of symbolic part of duties. Finally: the real international logistics lp according to your choice of services is delivery to your door and dismantle goods packaging, and clean up garbage good furniture is put, rather than the neighborhood basically is to send to the customers, let the customer arrange unloading, looks service gap is not big, in fact is completely different. ( 2) How about the service quality of logistics lp after selected to Japan's international logistics lp, the rest just need to see the company service quality had become. How service quality, the need to experience, such as online salesman carefully communicate with each other, more than a few questions, such as the Japan international logistics customs clearance need to prepare what certificate, logistics to Japan if your company can provide tax clearance and so on service, professional national logistics lp reply to these questions are a cinch, you also can ask the logistics lp salesman on-site measuring volume, consulting logistics to Japan what issues need to be paid attention to on the spot and so on. ( 3) Whether the company has a service case reference service of a professional international logistics lp case is often quite rich, so the reference service of the company cases often can see how the company's service quality, good company usually everyone will choose, low quality and the service of the company to take out the packing case does not generally a lot. Choose one of the international logistics lp, not only can save trouble, easier then to a certain extent, also can save money, small make up hope this article can help the logistics to Japan to you.
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