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Speaker selection Sino-US container door to door

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-27
Mr. Song learned about VIPUTRANS by chance on the Internet and got in touch with VIPUTRANS Xiaofeng. VIPUTRANS took this opportunity to tell you about the export of electronic products to the United States by sea.
After the contact between Xiaofeng and Mr. Song, he learned that Mr. Song needed to ship a batch of speakers to the United States, and tailored two sets of transportation plans for export to the United States.

The first set of options: air export. Directly fly from Shenzhen to the United States, and VIPUTRANS is responsible for arranging delivery to the buyer's location after completing customs clearance in the United States.

The advantage of this scheme is that the transportation speed is fast, but there are many times of transportation, which may cause certain damage to the outer packaging of the speaker.

The second set of plans: sea export. Xiaofeng of VIPUTRANS explained to Mr. Song in detail a series of transportation work node requirements and steps such as booking, packing, customs declaration, port of destination customs clearance and delivery. Mr. Song was very satisfied and finally decided to choose US shipping double clearing transportation.

The advantages of this scheme are safety and reliability, cost saving, and less handling times. The disadvantage is that the transportation time is longer than air transportation.
Regarding Mr. Song’s export speaker cargo, the local booking and customs clearance work in Shenzhen was handled and arranged by VIPUTRANS staff. Later, Mr. Song reported that he was very satisfied with the work of VIPUTRANS. Professional packaging and careful preparation were related. The documents ensure the smooth booking, customs declaration and transportation of the goods abroad.
The VIPUTRANS foreign agent made sufficient preparations for Mr. Song’s export goods in the early stage, so there was no obstacle to the lack of documents or inconsistency of the goods when customs clearance abroad. It fully meets the requirements of export speaker transportation and customs clearance, and is clearing the customs. It will be delivered to Mr. Song’s buyer location as soon as possible. Mr. Song’s foreign customers are very satisfied with the first cooperation and the arrival of the goods, so they have established a long-term cooperative relationship with Mr. Song. Mr. Song expressed his thanks to VIPUTRANS for this.
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