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Some tips for immigration logistics to the United States

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
As the United States is the largest country of immigrants, more and more Chinese immigrants have settled in the United States in recent years. Because there are fewer types of furniture abroad and very high prices, many immigrants choose to ship furniture internationally to the United States. Among them, many new immigrants do not know what to do, especially some knowledge about customs. The following are some tips summarized by VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics Editor for your reference. 1. Immigration logistics to the United States need to understand the customs policies: 1. The US government stipulates that new immigrants can bring into the United States tax-free personal belongings owned and used in their original place of residence for more than 12 months. 2. According to US Customs regulations, new items or items that have been used for less than 12 months must be declared to the customs in advance. After declaration, the customs will collect customs duties based on the type and value of the items. 3. Immigration logistics to the United States needs to provide information: passport photo page, visa copy, customs clearance authorization, 3299 form and packing list, ocean bill of lading. 4. Immigration logistics to the United States based on anti-terrorism related regulations: due to anti-terrorism needs, all items entering the United States must be declared to the U.S. Customs 48 hours for AMS and ISF 24 hours before the ship’s departure. Delays in declaration may occur A fine of $5,000. 2. Relevant precautions for immigration logistics to the United States: 1. There is basically no time limit for the arrival of items in the U.S. Customs. As long as the U.S. green card or visa meets the requirements, overseas customs clearance of personal items can be processed. 2. The US Customs has a tariff rate of about 6% for ordinary brand-new items, but anti-dumping duties are imposed on brand-new textiles, bedroom furniture, etc., usually around 30%-45%. Personal belongings are within a reasonable range and the quantity is not large. Customs often does not impose customs duties on some new items properly. 3. Due to anti-terrorism needs, the inspection rate of the US Customs is as high as 90%, and X-ray scanning is usually adopted. If prohibited items are scanned, the customs will conduct manual inspections, which will incur additional expenses. 4. The U.S. rail system is very developed and has a large number of inland ports. However, most items arriving in inland cities will choose to go through overseas customs clearance in Los Angeles and New York, and the customs clearance time given by basic ports will be much longer than inland ports.
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