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Some shallow insights of Amazon FBA headway and

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-23
The Amazon FBA head process includes two steps of cost: 1. Send the goods to the domestic service provider warehouse, 2. The domestic service provider transports the goods to the Amazon warehouse (Amazon US or Amazon Europe)
Now that the domestic economy is in recession, many foreign trade companies have sprung up like mushrooms! Now the most popular foreign trade is Amazon, EBAY and so on. Simply say what is the Amazon FBA head process:

One. Amazon FBA headway is actually a simple statement of Amazon's overseas FBA warehouse headway delivery and transportation

What is FBA:
FBA (full English name: Fulfillment by Amazon, is a delivery service provided by Amazon)

Amazon currently has three main businesses:
1. Media (that is, the sales commission of your own vendors' products),
2, FBA (rental online shop + selling traffic + sub-warehouse leasing + packaging and delivery + collection),
3. Amazon web services (including products such as s3\db\aq, which can be understood as IDC+CDN acceleration + personalized website construction)

For Amazon users in mainland China, the Amazon FBA header includes two steps: 1. Send the goods to the domestic service provider warehouse, 2. The domestic service provider transports the goods to the Amazon warehouse (Amazon US or Amazon Europe)

①Standard service
Receive goods from warehouses in China's Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other port cities, and send the seller's goods to the designated Amazon warehouses in Italy, Britain, Spain, France, Finland, Germany and other countries by shipping and air transportation!
Amazon FBA head trip
②Value-added services 1. Print Amazon label: Print the corresponding label of each product in accordance with Amazon FBA barcode content requirements
2. Labeling: In accordance with Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is labeled with a corresponding barcode
3. Sorting fee: according to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing according to the box

③Return service
Can assist in processing returns from Amazon warehouses. Help customers to re-operate goods re-sent into warehouse or other processing. In accordance with the relevant operating requirements arising from the actual situation, additional costs will be calculated.

④Extended service
Acting as an agent for import and export customs clearance declaration, paying customs clearance fees and VAT

Customs clearance and taxes
Customs clearance

During customs clearance, domestic service providers use the customer's own VAT account for customs clearance. If the customer does not have a VAT account, domestic service providers can also provide 'VAT account registration' value-added services. For VAT account registration, please refer to the 'Value-Added Service-UK VAT Registration' service.
Tax calculation:
Air and sea tax calculation: tax = value of goods * tariff rate

two. Advantages of FBA:
1. Improve listing rankings, help sellers become featured sellers and grab shopping carts, increase customer trust and increase sales
2. Many years of rich logistics experience, warehouses all over the world, intelligent management (acquired robot manufacturing company Kiva Systems in 2012)
3. Super fast delivery time (most warehouses are close to the airport)
4. Amazon professional customer service
5. Erase bad reviews disputes caused by logistics
6. Exempt all FBA logistics costs for products with a unit price of more than 300 USD
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