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Some Must See Destinations at Port Macquarie

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

Port Macquarie is nothing short of a mini-paradise. Located in a very pleasant temperate zone where the temperatures rarely go beyond 27 degree Celsius, it is a city full of indulgence! There are a plethora of activities to be enjoyed, and one vacation will surely fall short to explore and enjoy this wonderful tourist destination. Port Macquarie is a site filled with rich surroundings, heritage sites such as museums and galleries, has several wine breweries in vicinity, offers entertainment in the form of pubs, clubs and discos, is home to several nature parks where you can enjoy a trail with the entire family, and is also known for the deliciously delectable eateries. Port Macquarie hotels are aplenty for tourists with every budget range.

While the above words were just an overview of what lies in store, here's something in much more detail. Here's a compilation of a few places you should definitely visit:

Cassegrain Winery: Though the Hunter Valley is particularly famous for wineries, Port Macquarie is soon catching up to its level. The Cassegrain winery is located in this city and a haven for all wine lovers. It offers an insight into the French style of wine making and you can even buy a bottle or two for having at night in your hotel room while you head back to your Port Macquarie accommodation.

Ricardoes Tomatoes: Ricardoes Tomatoes can well be a misleading name, since it's more of a must visit for all strawberry lovers. You can handpick specially grown juicy strawberries and enjoy them later in your hotel. While looking for an accommodation in Port Macquarie, you should see to it that your room has a refrigerator since the strawberries need to be preserved well.Werrikimbe National Park: The Werrikimbe National Park is frequented by professional hikers but it's not just limited for them. It is a UNESCO declared world heritage site and is a hit among tourist families since the kids love watching rare birds and animals. If you visit Australia, seeing a live Koala is a must and Werrikimbe can fulfill this particular wish pretty well. There are trails as well in case you wish to go for a little hike with the kids.Boorganna Nature Reserve: While there are a lot of nature reserves in vicinity to Port Macquarie, this is one place where you can enjoy a good photography experience. This place offers some stunning views of the nearby waterfall known as Rawson Falls. Surrounded by rainforests, these falls look delightful and can make for some good photographs to show back home once you return to your homeland.

Just another small tip for your convenience - do your hotel bookings well in advance to save money.

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