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Some details of international immigration logistics need to pay attention to

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
Different from domestic logistics, international logistics is generally by sea, and the shipping cycle is very long, so the items you consign can only be delivered after you land for one month. But when your logistics is completed, you find that there are a lot of things that you can't find, causing a lot of inconvenience to your daily life. Therefore, VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics has compiled some packaging details for customers with international logistics needs, hoping to reduce the inconvenience of life caused by customers who cannot find things. The details that need to be paid attention to when packing and sorting: (1) Sorting, packing and marking the items First of all, a few days before the logistics, disassemble, unload and sort and bundle all kinds of items, and don’t forget to indicate the contents of the filled items with a signature pen outside the box. , Mark the box number, so as not to forget the contents of the box, to facilitate the search. * Pack scattered items as much as possible to prevent them from being scattered and difficult to find when moving. * The number should be marked on the outside of the box, and you can find out if there is any box missing when moving or after moving. ?* Pack the items that must be used every day, such as public items, children's textbooks, stationery or daily necessities. * Others such as clothes, books... etc. can be classified and packaged according to frequency and importance. * Wipes, detergents... and other supplies should be packed separately, so that they can be used immediately in the new home. (2) Pay attention to the storage of parts and keys * Pay attention to the placement of parts and keys when disassembling and disassembling objects, so as to avoid time-consuming and laborious search during assembly in the future. (3) Precautions for fragile and valuable items: *When packing fragile items and valuable home appliances (computers, stereos, etc.), there should be clear marks outside the box to tell the staff to use rags and newspapers when packing. , Anti-vibration cotton, etc., fill the gaps in the box to avoid shaking and impact during transportation. *When moving fish tanks and aquariums, empty the water in the tank/tank, and put the fish in the bucket for easy transportation. *In order to ensure the safety of relocated items and reduce risks, it is recommended to participate in the risk protection service of international logistics companies. *Valuables must be stored separately and be kept under guard at all times. Important documents, seal passbooks, gold and silver jewelry, cash, antiques and other items are best carried with you to ensure the safety of your items while ensuring the smoothness of customs declaration and clearance. (4) The interior of the furniture should be emptied, fixed, locked, and sealed *The interior of refrigerators, wardrobes, drawers, washing machines, etc. must be emptied, because if it is not emptied, the staff will be too heavy to carry, and the items themselves Internal shaking, falling off, impact and damage. * After the furniture and wardrobe are disassembled, they should be placed in a place that is easy to move. In addition, the sliding parts such as desk drawers and wardrobe doors should be locked or fastened with nylon ropes, and the accessories should be marked. (5) Contact neighbors and community properties to facilitate logistics and follow-up contact * Inform the neighbors of the old residence in advance and make an appointment for logistics time to avoid misunderstandings when the service personnel are working. * Contact the property in the community and issue a release slip to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by poor communication with the property. (6) Telephone and mail migration* Apply to the telecommunications bureau in advance for telephone disassembly, as well as related bills and important mail addresses (such as credit cards, utilities, mobile phones, subscription newspapers, magazines, etc.). (7) Other *Packed cartons are best not to be too large or too heavy. Large boxes are not only difficult to carry, but also easy to crack at the bottom of the box due to being too heavy. * Separate the packed cartons, fragile, valuable furniture and other cartons together, which is easy to remind the logistics service staff (the old house is moved out to the new house and it is easy to find). *If you are worried about items getting wet during the rainy season, you should contact the international logistics company in advance for rescheduling. If it is not convenient to postpone, you should fully communicate with the international logistics company to deal with rain protection. * Require international logistics companies to equip felts, carpets, etc. to avoid floor wear caused by heavy objects. Note for international shipping logistics (1) LCL for seaborne personal items is charged by volume, starting at 2 cubic meters, and if the volume is less than 2 cubic meters, it is calculated as 2 cubic meters. (2) If you want to know the shipping cost, you need to give us the volume of your personal goods and the detailed address of the destination so that we can provide a relatively accurate price. (3) After the seaborne personal goods arrive at the port of destination, unpacking fees, warehouse fees, document fees, inspection fees, etc. will be incurred at the port of destination. For door-to-port services, these related fees must be paid to the port of destination agent. For door-to-door service, these destination port fees will be collected and paid by us. (4) For fragile items going abroad, wooden product packaging must be fumigated or fumigated-free wooden packaging. (5) The overseas consignee’s passport, original/photocopy of the visa and a list of items are required for the declaration of personal goods by sea.
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