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Sofa choose FBA shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-16
Ms. Lin is a salesperson in a trading company in Dongguan. She mainly sells sofas all over the country. In order to better sell sofas, Ms. Lin opened a shop on the Amazon platform. Now she needs to find a logistics company to ship the sofas to the United States, so as to avoid shortage of goods. Find VIPUTRANS through Baidu search to consult the price of Amazon FBA shipping. , Aging, operation and other matters.

It is understood that in July, Miss Lin found VIPUTRANS customer service Xiao Zhou through Baidu search. After customer service Xiao Zhou learned the specific situation of the customer's goods, she asked the sales manager Sandy to receive Miss Lin. Through Sandy's in-depth understanding, I learned that this Miss Lin also has her own Amazon store in Guangzhou. What she does is sofa. Now there are about 5-8 parties to the Amazon warehouse in Los Angeles, USA. Ms. Lin decided to choose VIPUTRANS's US FBA first shipping channel after knowing the price and time limit.

US Amazon FBA first trip

VIPUTRANS Amazon FBA shipping operations only need Miss Lin to provide the specific cargo information and the reserved Amazon warehouse receipt information, and it can be cleared to the door without other cumbersome customs clearance. Miss Lin is deeply impressed by this quality service Satisfaction makes the decision so happy.
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