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SOC box ( Its own box) The operating process? How much do you know?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
In doing the international long-distance transportation we will encounter a lot of English abbreviations, such as SOC and COC. SOC full shipper own container, its box. Is the shipper own box, no much difference on the operation, some shipping company, some do not. In general, its box can little part of sea freight, this also with the shipping company. And we often use at ordinary times is the COC box, called the COC box of CARRIER OWNER CONTAINER, box of shipping companies. SOC box ( Its own box) The operation process of you know what? 1 operation process. Booking space. SOC box is the shipper own box, mainly because some customers in order to avoid using charges brought by the shipping company container containers or because they have the box and use their loading exports; If the customer does not have its own box, he can only rent a batch of container as a box, so most of SOC box are one-way box or the owner oneself buy boxes. But because SOC box does not use shipping company own box, in case the ship company has lost a lot of charges, and so the SOC box is not very good booking! Note: like the SOC box less contact at ordinary times, with the owner when booking must confirm good freight rate, including what are the specific cost, especially the cost. Easily because they don't understand is exploiting the loopholes, originally CY - can be used Terms of the CY, but let people sell a FI - FO terms, for no reason many more fees, handle is good, processing is bad to can eat only a YaBaKui. 2, orders. Received after the order list, check whether there is any special terms, the bill of lading have any requirements, should one by one with the shipping company to verify whether can show, or if they can do it. First of all should pay attention to have the goods in Chinese name, HS. CODE, if is general chemicals need to provide MSDS, testimonials and transport condition, SH and CN's contact information, view the SH is a forwarder or logistics enterprises. If it is to provide the NVOCC qualification certificate copy; If not, do not accept booking unless changes to SH. Again to see the weight of the goods, according to the difference of the shipping company and the weight of the individual port can receive different is different also, small cabinets to control in 25 tons, big ark ultra-high 26 tons, but individual individual treatment. Will need to implement is produced and the charges for overweight would display on the bill of lading in accordance with the correct weight. Confirm information about 1 yard. Special box, such as SOC box shipping company provide positions, and does not limit terminal boxes can be put in at this time with their cooperative operations, the better it is important to note, but must be in to the operations of the goods under the paper indicate that the SOC box, and write down the box collection ship company code. 2, the bill of lading. Confirm to the main single or points, if a single asked whether the customer have the port of destination agent, and to control box, if there is no destination port agency whether we need to arrange. 3, send the warehouse receipt. Like SOC box, shipping company whether to send the warehouse receipt, so need to customer implementation is his hair is we arrange the warehouse receipt, warehouse receipt if we are going to contact the agent in charge of arrange to send the warehouse receipt and confirm the warehouse receipt, the agency fee and tell when the goods intercepting port operations to generate the EDI information sent to the warehouse agent, and provide goods SH CN commodity description of shipping mark a heavy feet accurate information, such as if it is multiple cabinets need to provide detailed points details & ndash; — With titles, other steps the same as the ordinary goods. Edit summary: in the operation of international shipping is important to note that many shipping company is not accept SOC box, must ask clear beforehand when booking the shipping space. Although different SOC box with COC box belongs to, operation process is the same. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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