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Smart logistics e-key acceleration

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-02

   In recent years, smart logistics supported by a new generation of information technology has flourished in my country. Operational management is more efficient, cargo transportation is more convenient, and smart logistics opens up unlimited possibilities for the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. How to build a smart logistics industry chain featuring 'Internet + logistics'? What convenience does smart logistics bring to enterprises and people?  

In the business hall of Yunxing Transportation Co., Ltd. in Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, the driving status and trajectory of thousands of trucks are beating on the big screen in real time; Xin’an Town, Huazhou City, Guangdong Province, the shuttle robot transfers the package from the smart logistics express line The town-level base station is transported to the village; Suning Nanjing Yuhua Logistics Base has an automated product picking efficiency of up to 1,200 pieces/hour, which is 10 times more efficient than manual picking...

  From cities to villages, from sorting to transportation, the construction of smart logistics featuring 'Internet + logistics' is accelerating, triggering changes in the entire industrial chain. How will smart logistics reduce social logistics costs and promote the quality and efficiency of the logistics industry?

  Platform digitalization

   The trajectory of 1,096 trucks is clear at a glance, and people, vehicles and goods are accurately docked

   'At present, 1,096 trucks are being transported outside, and 580 trucks are temporarily turned off...' In the business hall of Yunxing Transportation Co., Ltd., the real-time updated truck operation data allows managers to understand vehicle information at any time and direct dispatch in time. 'The company currently has thousands of trucks. It was almost impossible to know the driving conditions of all vehicles in real time. Now through the'Internet + logistics', the trajectory of each vehicle is clear at a glance.' said Zhou Changhong, the company's chairman.

'Handwritten records, telephone coordination, and on-site dispatch of vehicles are already a thing of the past!' Zhou Changhong told reporters that once the transportation command and dispatch of vehicles mainly relied on people, not only was it time-consuming and laborious, but also often faced with the high empty-load rate of trucks and low efficiency in consigning goods. And other issues. Right now, everything from order delivery to freight settlement can be successfully completed through the online network platform. Since 2014, the company has launched an on-board GPS positioning system for vehicles. Now relying on a third-party data service platform, the company has built a vehicle management system, 'using the Internet and borrowing wisdom to greatly improve the management level.'

   The digital platform not only provides convenience for company management, but also brings benefits to drivers. Driver Pan Enman, who has been with the company for 5 years, said that in addition to the company's digital platform, there are many third-party platforms that make the freight process more 'smart'. 'Before the departure, I only need to open the mobile APP 'Truck Gang', enter the starting point, destination, and vehicle type and other keywords, and wait for more than ten minutes to receive customer orders.' The problem of running empty cars on the return journey was the most worried before. It has been resolved, and Paine Man’s income has increased a lot.

'Digital empowerment allows people, cars, and goods to run faster and more accurately.' When talking about the actual effects brought by logistics informatization, Zhou Changhong said, 'Now the company's vehicle idling rate has been reduced by 10%, delivery and arrival The timely rate has also increased to 95%.'

   At present, 228 enterprises in Taizhou city have connected to the national transportation and logistics public information platform, and logistics information platform enterprises such as 'Huo Lala' and 'Card Xing Tianxia' have entered. 'We are advancing the implementation of ‘Internet + efficient logistics’ to promote the emergence of more new formats and models in the logistics industry under the background of ‘Internet +’,” said Huang Xinchun, a second-level researcher of the Taizhou Municipal Transportation Bureau.

  Warehouse automation

  Intelligent perception of approaching vehicles, automatic sorting throughout the process

   The driver, Master Zhang, drove a truck to the unmanned warehouse of Suning Nanjing Yuhua Logistics Base. With the assistance of the vehicle positioning system and the electronic fence of the smart park, when the car is perceived to be within 20 kilometers, the relevant procedures in the warehouse are automatically activated, and the picking, packaging, and sorting of related orders in the unmanned warehouse is busy in an orderly manner .

   The sorting process is also fully automated. The identification code affixed to each cargo is like a 'calling machine' carried with you. After receiving the 'hunting notice' from the warehouse, the goods needed by Master Zhang quickly came to the cargo area on the conveyor belt one by one, and were transported by a circular unmanned forklift. After loading the goods into the truck, Master Zhang immediately confirmed on his mobile phone: 'The goods are all.'

'From people looking for goods to goods looking for people, from radio frequency technology to artificial intelligence, warehousing has become smarter and smarter.' Chen Jian, general manager of the logistics research and development center of Suning Technology Group, said that the current smart warehousing is more reflected in the algorithm optimization belt. The convenience of coming. For example, which goods from various places are placed inside, how to arrange the picking route in the shortest time, and how to put a few things in different types of packaging boxes are the most suitable... These all rely on the superposition and optimization of algorithms to achieve.

  Smart warehousing can not only play a role in large-scale warehousing scenarios, in Jiangsu Xuzhou Xugong Zhilian Logistics Service Co., Ltd., the automated storage equipment 'smart micro library' provides an automated storage solution for small and medium-sized parts.

A single intelligent micro library covers an area of ??10.6 square meters, but the effective storage area reaches 210.8 square meters, with 1043 effective storage spaces; the operating efficiency of operators can be increased by more than 50% compared with ordinary warehouses, and a single unit can save 5 labor. Annual labor cost savings amounted to 400,000 yuan. 'Barcode recognition technology is applied in the whole process of warehousing warehousing, putting on shelves, picking, packaging, and shipping out. Through the integrated application of information systems and smart mobile terminals, the whole process of warehousing has been paperless and mobile. The cost of warehousing consumables can be saved about 350,000 yuan.' The company's general manager Jiang Dawei told reporters.

Recently, the 'Jiangsu Province Vigorously Develop Smart Logistics to Promote the Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Reform Pilot Implementation Plan for Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase', which clearly defines the implementation of smart logistics city pilots, smart logistics park transformation pilots, network freight platform demonstration pilots, key logistics technology breakthrough pilots, and wisdom Five key projects including the pilot training of logistics entities will further develop smart logistics and promote cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

   Intelligent distribution

   Unmanned delivery, smart express box, and convenient 'last mile' of rural smart express line

   During the epidemic prevention and control period, the Beidou-based JD Logistics intelligent distribution robot quickly sent medical supplies delivered to Wuhan from various places to the hospital isolation area.

   Automatic avoidance of obstacles, autonomous decision-making at intersections, and manual takeover of emergencies... Suning Logistics' 5G unmanned delivery vehicles continue to improve their functions, with a regular average operating speed of 8 km/h, and a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

  Meituan intelligent distribution dispatch system assigns consumers’ orders to unmanned delivery vehicles. After the unmanned vehicles pick up the goods at the grocery shopping site, they will automatically drive to the contactless delivery point in the community. Intelligent technology helps realize the entire contactless delivery.

   In recent years, the logistics 'last mile' multiple terminal service operation modes have continued to innovate. Unmanned distribution has become one of the development trends of terminal services. Logistics companies have made efforts to promote the accelerated development of unmanned distribution.

   In addition, the smart express box also provides an effective supplement for end delivery. According to statistics, in 2019, there were 406,000 sets of smart express boxes installed in major cities, with an increase of 134,000 sets, an increase of nearly 50%, and the box delivery rate exceeded 10%.

  In rural areas, smart logistics makes rural distribution more convenient. In Xintang Village, Xin'an Town, Huazhou City, various packages were spit out from the shuttle machine. After the staff sorted and registered, the villagers came to collect them. On the other hand, the shuttle machine orderly 'eats' lychees, longan, guava, vegetables, etc., and delivers fresh produce. 'Since there was the'Quickline', after receiving the order on the mobile phone, it was picked up in the ground immediately, and then handed over to the'Expressline' to take care of it, which greatly saved time and freight.' said Zheng Yueming, a fruit farmer. .

   The 'Express Line' mentioned by Zheng Yueming is a new intelligent logistics transportation line in the village. According to reports, this 'Intelligent Express Line' includes base stations, low-altitude ropeways, smart shuttles (robots), transport boxes, cloud control systems, and collection and delivery equipment. Each vehicle has a set load of 100 kg and a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour. It only costs 3-5 yuan for electricity for 100 kilograms and 100 kilometers, and it can run for 24 hours. Through the construction of logistics warehouses in the suburbs of the county, the construction of logistics base stations in the townships, and the establishment of receiving and dispatching points in the administrative village and the convenience store at the entrance of the village, most of the goods can travel between the county and the administrative village at low cost within one hour. (Reporters Luo Aihua, Jiang Xiaodan, Yao Xueqing, Dou Hanyang, and correspondent Pan Yongxiang participated in the writing)
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