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Six-Step Online Booking Process for Australian Air Freight

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-24

The booking process of international freight services is already explained at any Australian air freight services website. However, for the convenience of others living outside of Australia and would like to send a parcel to someone in this country, here is a summary of the steps you'll need to take. During the procedure, you'll be required to input personal information, such as your current home or billing address, and also your credit card number. Be assured that your personal data will remain confidential and protected by consumer data privacy laws.

Get an Instant Freight Quote from the Shipping Calculator

Most air freight forwarders include an online tool at their website that gives visitors a free glimpse to how much it might cost them to ship a parcel from one country to another. This estimate of total freight cost from the country of origin to the shipment's destination is influenced by the size and weight of your package. However, you'll have to be specific with the box's width, length, and height, which can be expressed either in inches or in centimeters. The same specificity is applied to the box's weight, which is either in kilograms or in pounds.

Choose the Speed of Courier Service

After clicking on the 'Quick Quote' button, you'll be presented with a list of options for a courier service. To be clear, an Express service is faster than Standard shipping. On this page, you'll see the initial rate, which includes shipping insurance, for each courier. Furthermore, you will also see the estimated transit time and the chargeable weight for your shipment. If you want to find out whether the company charges the greater dead weight or the volumetric weight, you'll have to find out more from their FAQ section. Later, you'll see more options on your shipment's insurance charges.

Enter the Correct Addresses for Collection and Delivery

The address for collection is either yours or another person's, depending on where the package originates. If you're the sender, then you may enter either your home or office address. This is where the courier picks up the parcel, packs it, and then hauls it off to the nearest shipping center of the freight company. When you're sending a large shipment that needs a whole container, be sure to mention this to the person-in-charge over the phone and they'll come and pack the container for you.

In addition, you'll need to specify whether you're the sender, receiver, or someone who's been given authorization by the sender or receiver to accept or ship the items via an Australian air freight service. The company needs this information for sending the shipping documents to the right person.

Specify the Collection Date and Time

On the next page, you'll be required to specify the date and time for the courier to pick up the goods. The schedule requires that you allow at least four hours for personnel to come to your house or workplace for collection. State the earliest and the latest times for this, but you must set the hours no later than two o'clock in the afternoon. Otherwise, your shipment will be set for transit on the next day.

Provide a Detailed Description and List of Items in Your Shipping Container

For the purposes of customs declaration and for checking whether or not you're shipping illegal goods, the courier needs a detailed description of your merchandise and the itemized list of goods. Also, state the reason for export and the tax status of your shipment. Be aware of the items included in the Prohibited and Restricted List (check it out here) for freight forwarding services. Lastly, you'll need to declare the total value of each item, its quantity, and its country of manufacture before you receive a re-calculated amount of insurance fee for your shipment's total value.

Payment for Total Shipping Costs

Of course, the last stage of the booking process is payment processing. On this page, you'll see the specific date and time for the collection of goods as well as the address where personnel will pick up your shipment. Further down, you'll see the total costs, including the insurance charge and the discount applied (if any) from a coupon. Enter your credit card information, tick the boxes for the terms of service and other agreements, and then click on the 'Pay Now' button.

After completing the process, you can sit back and wait for the company to contact you about your shipment and when it's expected to arrive at its destination. You'll be given the shipment's tracking code, which you can use to keep tabs on your shipment's movement from its origin to its destined location. Click for more information on how to use the parcel tracking feature of a freight forwarding website.

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