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Six differences between international express

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
Many customers are confused about the concept of international express delivery and international air transport. What is the difference between international express delivery and international air transport? Today, Suixin Logistics brings you the six major differences between international express delivery and international air transport. Hope Don't be 'silly and unclear' about express air transportation in the future.

Six differences between international air transport and international express

1. The main body of transportation

   International air transport is mainly carried by major airlines, such as Air China, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Northwest Airlines, etc. Cargo companies use these large international airlines to deliver the goods you want to consign to the designated destination (that is, the airport of the consignee city).

  The main international express delivery companies are major express companies, such as China Post EMS Express, DHL Sinotrans, TNT World Logistics, UPS, United Parcel, FEDEX, and other major international express companies. The packages we want to post are mainly delivered to the destination through these international express companies. However, we usually contact international freight forwarders (such as logistics baba).

2. Scope of service

   International air freight can only be delivered to the airport (there are also a few short-selling plus delivery), while international express delivery is generally door-to-door.

3. Service content

Express: package domestic and destination country customs clearance agency services, package delivery, but does not include destination country tariffs.

Air freight: Customs clearance in the destination country is not included. Customers need to go to the airport to pick up the goods and clear the customs by themselves, nor do they include customs duties in the destination country.

4. Timeliness

   International air freight and international express delivery have similar timeliness, both are about a few days. In some places, international air freight is faster, and in some places, international express is faster. For example, to Tokyo, Japan, using international air transportation should be the fastest, in short, the difference will not be great. The speed of aging is mainly related to the following three factors:

① The efficiency and strength of the transportation company

② Airport flight schedule

③ Speed ??of customs clearance at destination

5. Billing method

International air transportation is calculated based on the larger of the volume weight and actual weight (Note: Volume weight is calculated according to the formula of length * width * height ÷ 5000, in which length, width and height are calculated in centimeters.) Bulk cargo is called dumping or soaking. For example, cotton. The major express companies in international express, like the four major international express giants-DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, calculate the freight in the same way as international air freight, that is, the volumetric weight and the actual weight, whichever is greater. The only exception is EMS international express, which is charged according to weight (regardless of size).

6. Ways to track goods

Express: You can use the waybill number provided by the international express company to track it on the express company's website.

Air freight: You can check the bill of lading number on the airline website.

Respective advantages

Advantages of international air transport

  The service providers of international air freight work directly with major airlines, and the cost is relatively low, so the freight is naturally lower than the express way. For example, larger and heavier cargo will have an advantage in billing by air freight. The main body of air transportation is that major international airlines can do it as long as there is an airport. There is almost no blind spot. Unlike express delivery, they charge based on distance, while express delivery sometimes depends on local trade. How much billing. For example, countries such as Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, West Asia, Latin America, and Africa are all positioned as remote countries in express delivery services. The billing is particularly high. In this case, we choose air freight.

Advantages of international express

The main service of international express is documents and small parcels, so its starting price is lower than that of air freight, and the time is faster. International express companies are their own networks, and it will be more convenient to track and query the goods. And there will be detailed transfer records. There is also the express service is door-to-door, which can handle customs declaration, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other procedures on behalf of customers.
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