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Simple and practical logistics tools is recommended

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
If you want to move the whole family to go abroad, or moved back home, is the most convenient way to natural let VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for you to handle all matters, such packaging, handling, shipping, customs clearance and so on all sorts of things are don't have to worry about. To save money, of course, also have to save money, if only choose VIPU based service (part of the Supply Chain of international logistics Do not include the packing, destination, demolition of start shipment ground, furniture assembly, etc. ) Several kind of simple and practical, the logistics is a great tool. 1. Packing blanket ( 移动的毯子) Before moving, moving to the furniture with blankets, first to avoid accidentally brush when handling bad furniture. If you use VIPU international logistics lp service Supply Chain, they will offer you packing blanket depending on the situation. Or you can buy our packing blankets, or with old mat at home instead. 2. Skate scooter, 四个 轮多莉) Is the tablet pulley with four wheels. You can put the heavy furniture on handling, it will save much effort. The skateboard is suitable for elevator handling that occupy the home, there is no stairs. 3. Tied hands/tie shoulder strap ( 手或肩带) If you want to the stairs, to begin to move, can use the lace shown in the figure. The belt in more than two hands around a few laps, and then put the middle of the strap to carry under heavy pieces of furniture, and then move to lift. It can energy be moved up and safe. Above is can play a big role in the process of logistics several tools, also is actually very simple things, you can create your own in the process of international logistics of imagination, some short need their handling of a little more effort. VIPU, of course, the Supply Chain logistics services, international shipping is can contain all the work involved in the process of logistics. Specific how to choose, also set according to each situation.
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