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Shipping the goods is lost or damaged condition of the solution

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
International shipping journey faraway and turbulence is unusual, cycle is long, on the way to porter loading unloading all manual operation, hard to avoid can harm the goods itself. In addition to very it is necessary to protect the reinforcement measures, door to door of great importance to the Marine insurance. Several parties of the goods arrived, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain suggest you, please unpacking inspection immediately. When a policy within the scope of the insured cargo damage or loss of the goods, and the resulting claims claimants must immediately inform an underwriter in written or oral way. When the goods arrived, the following damage or have a different shape should handle like this: 1, the damage to the goods issued by the carrier or forwarder company certificate or shorts records or damaged cargo list, or note the damage on the bill of lading or carrier delivery receipt/loss. 2, when the container transport, such as the container was damaged when or seal damaged, missing, seal and transportation is not listed, please keep all incomplete or unusual for further identification and ensure that the container seal to tally clerk on his tally sheet indicate the loss or abnormal, and from the tally company to obtain a copy of loss/damage report. 3, if the estimate of damage value exceed franchise ( If you have any franchise) Immediately apply for inspector inspector and the carrier or its authorized representative for joint inspection, at the same time inform an underwriter. In claim for compensation process smoothly, should be timely contact and provide the following documents to the insurer to claim: 1, the original insurance policy/certificate in 2 original or copy, the original Marine bill of lading / 3 of the bills of lading, commercial invoice in 4 copies of packing list, indicating the damage/loss of the copy of delivery receipt or different shape 5, written claim letter to the carrier and the latter reply a copy of the 6, 7 inspection report and the original bill, accompanied by detailed calculation of the claim report (listing 8, local police If there is a stolen, stolen or robbed claims) 9, traffic accident report ( If vehicle rollover and collision happened claims) 10 and other required documents according to particular case editor note: after the above processing way, believe that everyone has if only one keeps the heart. VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp will all shipping items to customers to reinforce the packing very effective international transportation journey faraway process complex, strong packing will protect the goods from damage. According to customer's different, transport valuables custom exclusive differential solution for each customer's international transport tour escort. In furniture, for example, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of the packaging process is as follows: [ The teacher first to protect horn] furniture four side ( Again with bubble wrap to protect the furniture surface] ( Package the bubble film, then packed in cardboard] ( ] with adhesive plaster ( Packed finished product]
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