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Shipping pet toys to the US Amazon FBA choose VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-12
Sharon is an Amazon seller from Guangzhou. Recently, he plans to send a batch of pet toy products to Amazon FBA in the United States. He has already reserved the warehouse address, so he is anxious to find a professional Amazon FBA first-haul freight forwarder. So Sharon searched the Amazon fba head through the Internet and contacted VIPUTRANS. After consulting on the website, he left his needs and contact information to the customer service. There are 60 boxes of goods on Sharon's side, about 4-6 square meters, which need to be shipped to the Amazon warehouse in California. After the customer service understood the specific situation, immediately arranged the salesperson Sandy to contact Sharon for a quotation, and VIPUTRANS directly cooperated with Amazon Truck Company to deliver the goods in a unified pallet. Customers only need to provide specific delivery information and warehouse receipt information, which completely saves customers time and worry.

Sharon has many years of experience in Amazon operations, so he understands the timeliness of logistics prices. After Sharon communicated with VIPUTRANS salesperson Sandy, he felt that they were also very professional and satisfied with the price, so he asked Sandy to help book the cabin. Soon Sharon delivered the goods to the VIPUTRANS warehouse, and Sandy also arranged for the goods to be loaded and transported on the ship when it was scheduled. This time, the US Amazon FBA shipping was also successfully completed. Although it is the first time to cooperate, Sharon also feels the professional services of VIPUTRANS. There are goods that need to be transported later, and he also considers to cooperate with VIPUTRANS.
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