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Shipping personal items was detained by customs. What should I do?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Personal belongings in the international shipping will be more or less experienced customs seized goods, how to deal with when happen? How to prevent when did not happen? Below VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small make up to arrange the following experience, share with you. The customs check goods, goods main reasons: 1, the declared value and valuation inconsistencies; 2, goods and products; 3, packing list is unknown; The consignee conditions do not allow (4, No import and export right, etc. ) ; 5, personal belongings value more than 5000 yuan; 6, some of the local regulations of the state policy. The above points, just one of the most reason, specific details still need to refer to the provisions of the different countries around the can ensure personal belongings smooth customs clearance. The goods by customs buckle, what should I do? 1, declare the low value of buckle off, after paying taxes to handle customs clearance. 2, document procedure is not complete closed, construct the private goods imported as personal, customs instructions for amongs so many brands, can provide for individual, only to find the clearance company that has amongs so many brands to the nearest agent for customs clearance. 3, if the customs need relevant certification procedures, such as: electric equipment ( The 3 c certification) , can provide for customs inspection, can not provide just shut up, can find foreign sellers, or seek to nearby customs clearance company agent for 3 c authentication. 4, it won't work on all the above three options, so you only have two ways to solve: ( 1) Rejected goods. ( 2) Andthe. Normally choose the latter, if apply to customs for the goods returned, according to international practice, the goods in the customs can't handle customs clearance, may apply to transfer a third party trading port customs clearance abroad or return back to the original point of origin. How to avoid the international maritime customs buckle the goods? 1, items, packing list to write detailed, the number of goods, unit price, total price, currency must be made clear, and the material of product, name, purpose, components, parts to be made. 2, in order to avoid the customs buckle goods, according to general package, can be written as personal gift, private parcel by customs check probability is very low. 3, the declared value to write is relatively less, valuables deducts money rate is very high. In addition, after the customs buckle goods, customs clearance fee is calculated according to the declared value, the higher the declared value, the higher the clearance fee. If you need to mail items, also pay attention to write the declared value lower. 4, understand the national policy, such as the Australian customs clearance easily, but the battery products is not allowed by the customs, so the battery or electromagnetic product, try not to take to Australia 5, select safe way of delivery. DHL buckle goods rate is very high, followed by FedEx and UPS; The relative safety of the delivery method is air registered parcel and EMS, the other EMS even by customs buckle goods, or to return to the delivery location free of charge. 6, the heavier weight of the package is the greater the chance of customs buckle goods. 7, different products likely to be the customs buckle goods, such as electronic product is likely higher than apparel. 8, sent to different countries, declaration of strategy is different. American and British customs is relatively strict, declared value can appropriate lower. The German customs are strict, unfavorable put too low to declare the price; Like Brazil, the customs is very strict, must be carefully fill in the declaration materials, accurate, otherwise very trouble. Loss caused by the customs buckle goods is quite big, in the face of high loss, we suggest that companies seek professional freight forwarding company, to ensure the delivery, to the port and customs clearance in order to shorten the cross-border logistics of the goods time, reduce unnecessary spending, make the goods can smooth customs clearance, avoid the customs buckle goods.
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