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Shipping personal items to the United States what is process?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Immigration to the United States, shipping personal items to the process of the United States is what kind of? Everyone is concerned about what things by sea, no experience is not to say. Here small make up to share with you the experience of shipping personal items to the United States, give you a reference. First is the arrangement of time, shipping personal items to the United States need to estimate his time well, personal tidy logistics time how long, how long will it take to get consumed in the process of shipping time, this is the need to plan and forecast. Because logistics abroad to a lot of various kinds of formalities and procedures, although is the international logistics lp is responsible for all the way, but also need some time to the customs there, so shipping personal items to the United States to prepare enough time, so that it can be a very good time. Time arranged, the next step is for a formal professional international logistics lp, here small make up recommend VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp, safeguard and reasonable fees and service good items. Get to the point, after contact with international logistics lp, is all the furniture and personal belongings. Communicate with logistics lp determine yourself what should deal with formalities, to prepare what certificate. Need something but can't be little oh, get free shipping items delay the schedule due to documents not neat, so they only want to be ready early. Then is the item packaged, of course we need to find good handling which items in the past. Based on the transport of goods, to choose matching appropriate own transport scheme. International shipping is by container transport, generally divided into 20 gp, 40 gp, 40 hq three relatively regular container types. They hold the space also is different, 20 gp up to 28 CBM household items ( Can understand 2 bedroom furniture items) 40 gp can accommodate 58 CBM, household items ( Can hold 5 bedroom) 40 hq, can accommodate 65 CBM household items. If your items are less than twenty CBM, you can choose and friends of common needs handling; Costs can be understood as AA, can save a lot of cost effectively. Also can choose VIPU international logistics Supply Chain consolidation deals, with VIPU Supply Chain of international shipping logistics clients with LCL, bulk cost also can save a lot of. Shipping personal items on my way to the United States, the United States customs after boat receives the AMS filing data from the exporter, the local forwarder company or clear GuanXing must be needed for a week before ship to receive the relevant import documents and shipping companies of the arrival of the notice, apply to the U. S. customs for import customs clearance and commodity inspection, submit documents to the port of destination ship company request shipment release. Will put box prove to the towed the car to the consignee or by the local agent to arrange delivery to the consignee specified in the warehouse, and according to the choice of the door pick up the goods to the port or door to door delivery, shipping the whole basic is complete! Good international logistics links of logistics lp, actually is not that complicated, international long-distance logistics easily calm. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp, door to door, door to port the best international logistics lp.
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