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Shipping new furniture to go abroad, need to pay tax? Fumigation is a must?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Many new immigrants are want to buy a new set of furniture from domestic transport in the past, the main reason is that in recent years, solid wood furniture materials in China is becoming more and more fastidious, fine workmanship and cheap, by contrast, foreign furniture is monotonous and expensive problems. To customize a new set of furniture to the foreign friends in contact with the international logistics lp salesman, basically will be told that free transport and also don't need fumigation, so in the international logistics, shipping new furniture really don't need to pay tax and abroad without fumigation? Major immigration country in the world, such as American, Canada, new, Australia and so on, they have a benefit for new immigrants logistics, i. e. , the new immigrants can use the original location over a certain time of personal possessions and property tax exemption from entry, such as the regulation is to use more than one year for the reasonable use items, Canada is 6 months, you can see that the exemption to the conditions of the foreign furniture: the first is your identity in accordance with, the second is the items is to use a fixed number of year old. Then will have a doubt, my furniture is new, how duty-free? For this, the practice of international logistics lp is: to change the packing, after receipt of the customer's new furniture will dismantle all manufacturer's original packaging, including the enclosed instructions, drawings, etc. After been repackaged by personal belongings furniture can be formally declared, there is a big probability don't have to pay duties. Although foreign customs inspection rate is quite high, but basically will not unpacking inspection, after again the packing of furniture, the customs time is impossible to judge its old and new, there is another reason, for items such as furniture, if proper care, with many years of furniture will be like new. But use the original packaging, customs can be seen at a glance is new items, if not, they will decide yes, this time by the customs, so need to pay high tariffs and the consumption tax, will face the risk of being fined, on the issue of the fumigation, many countries due to environmental protection, to import some of the wooden packing materials for treatment, fumigation is a way of treatment. At present, the United States, Canada, European Union, Japan and Australia and other countries to China's exports of wooden packaging requirements for fumigation, requirements must be issued by the United States, the official certificate of fumigation. The wood packaging is used for packaging, pad and support, and reinforce the goods material, such as wooden box, wooden box, wooden pallets, wood pad storehouse, barrel, wood cushion, sleepers, wood plate, wood shaft, wood 稧, etc. Don't fumigation new furniture? This can be determined, furniture itself doesn't need fumigation, but if you use the wood packaging, it has to be fumigated processing, even if fumigation, does not damage the furniture also. In international logistics, international logistics lp before or after receiving delivery, will not meet the requirements of fumigation to get rid of the packaging, if there is need to fragile play wooden cases are changing to meet the prescribed fumigation-free packing for export. The following simple introduction, from the national new furniture to foreign simple process ( 1) Choose international logistics lp, inform the goods information and the port of destination, they will according to the situation, the logistics mode, route and schedule information, provides the high quality and quotation on the mode of transportation. ( 2) Determine the scheme and price, signing the contract of carriage, the international logistics lp furniture and are you sure the shipping address, and arrange into the warehouse to the packing process, and then the container. ( 3) Logistics lp according to the customer to provide the relevant information to help make the goods packing list and customs declaration according to customs clearance, booking and shipping. ( 4) According to the contract after arrival at the port of destination to provide the basis of different/value-added services, including the port of destination customs clearance, door to door delivery. Value-added services: the unloading, moved into the home, dismantling, packing assembly simple furniture and display items, clearing up the rubbish and so on.
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