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Shipping logistics to the Canada for objects of attention

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Canada has the world's second largest land area, and the country's population is only equivalent to the population of China is the least provinces population, abundant natural resources and mature social welfare security system constantly attract Chinese immigrants. Many immigrants want to domestic cheap, expensive, Canada, the domestic popular, Canadian rare items to Canada. So shipping logistics to Canada at the time of prepare goods are need to pay attention to what issues? We VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp through it acquired in 78 in the international logistics industry experience, to sum up to you. 1. Shipping logistics to furniture to Canada furniture design is less, but the price is extremely high, and many are not their own production, especially Chinese real wood furniture price expensive, and it is important to note that with a furniture store in Canada tend to put samples, generally there is no spot, often need to wait for a long time after order will be shipped to the home furniture, so if you want to buy spot is difficult, basically we VIPU Supply Chain was once had a customer after immigrated to Canada because they can't buy a bed, slept on the floor for a long time, finally by comparing the domestic furniture and Canada's domestic furniture cost and style, chosen from domestic to buy some furniture and shipped to Canada. 2. Shipping logistics to the Canadian decorations for Canada carpets and curtains and other more expensive, and are western style is contracted, some people don't like this to emigrate to Canada, often through our VIPU adornment such as Supply Chain international logistics shipping curtain carpet in the past. 3. Shipping logistics appliances to prepare this point need to emphasize to Canada, the Canadian national voltage is 110 v, and the present domestic the most common use is 220 v, which means domestic appliances is unable to use in Canada. If bought in home appliances using shipped to Canada, still have to form a complete set to purchase domestic transformer, very trouble. In our VIPU Supply Chain services in the past these customers, transportation or rarely appliances to Canada. If you want to carry electrical appliances in the past, choose advice when buying a voltage adapter range wide, such as 110 v - currently on the market Adaptive voltage between 230 v, the Canadian can be normal use. 4. Shipping logistics to Canada cannot carry some of the items belong to North America, Canada, inspection and quarantine law is quite strict, Canada customs, inspection and quarantine department has the right of a very large, do not allow the new immigrants to carry such as animal and plant seeds, without the processed meats and without inspection and quarantine of livestock in, so I hope to carry objects such friends, please consider carefully. Advice first take a look at customs, embargo, item information, listed in very clear. 5. About the qualification of shipping logistics, shipping logistics to Canada refers to the new immigrants from the original state will live must furniture luggage into the citizenship country, in line with the new immigration status and carried by the last item is already used, in accordance with the immigration logistics process to declare, can enjoy duty-free Canada immigration rules. If it is within the scope of and for new furniture, etc. , are not in accordance with the above provisions. Edit summary: the above is about some Suggestions of shipping logistics to Canada to prepare goods, hope to help immigrants to Canada travel. To the foreign country, at the beginning of a stranger, all must depend on oneself, with these Suggestions, can be prepared in advance, not went to Canada.
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