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Shipping logistics to go abroad, furniture and other goods packaging need to pay attention to?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Shipping logistics abroad, often to carry a lot of things, no matter whether you choose logistics lp logistics for you, arrange packing the goods such as furniture need your participation. To order not disorderly of logistics, please prepare in advance some paper box, categorizing fragmentary goods packaging boxes, such as kitchen, study, bathroom supplies, etc. Be sure to packing and classification, advantage is a health, 2 it is a good move, items not easily lost and broken! When the usual carton note collection, logistics has its own use, if you can not find logistics lp buy when logistics, also can buy a, where recycling but not very health, is not recommended! The following VIPU international logistics Supply Chain said small make up for the shipping logistics packaging strategy to go abroad, how to quickly packaged furniture items. Once the sorting, fast packaging logistics step 1, you first need to prepare a few sacks, a few boxes and a roll of tape. In my mind the home goods first classify, clothes, quilts, socks category, this category can be mixed within the bag. After folding and bedding such as bedding, pillows, directly set on the big bag or bags, tighten the sealing, no large bag, can use the old bed sheet package. Don't plug in the quilt breakable, so as to avoid accidentally destroyed. 2, then there is some how packing vessel, bowl, plate, cup first classification, classification and packing again. Classification of packing and packing not only high efficiency, bowl, plate, cup should be one by one with paper wrapped up, such as no package or multiple packages together, could lead to friction and collision damage each other. Before into the vessel, should put the newspapers in his paper, on the bottom of the box as a buffer. Finally, put the dishes in the box below, put the cup, bowl upside down in the box the upper glass and lamps and lanterns is put into a special box inside. Vertical plate, not flat. To protect the glass tape or foam packaging materials, the mirror glass box bandaged up painting or art. And outside the box label & other; Fragile goods & throughout; 。 Out again when using, also easy to arrange. 3, glass, knives and other sharp objects, pay special attention to wrap the blade cutting tools such as use cardboard, and tape sticking, fixed, when workers move large goods, maintain a paragraph of distance with them; Told workers need to take care all the more expensive items such as appliances and furniture; Arrange fragile or afraid of pressure should be the last loading of items, the first discharge; Remind you be careful, don't run into neighborhood. 4, books, magazines with packing belt cross bundling live turn used cardboard to protect or to use heavy boxes ( A small box) And don't put too much, too much is not easy to move. Some important papers and books and things like that, united into one carton in neat, in order to avoid confusion. All kinds of small adorn article and scattered little thing can use the little box or plastic bags, use the duct tape will not have to worry about, by the beginning of the big, heavy, try to put on the upper light items. 5, and computers and monitors, television, water machine don't have to pack, but the electrical socket and the power cord to packaged into a small carton. 6, large furniture, board type furniture removable pack after handling more saving place or handling, solid wood furniture to avoid extrusion knock against, damage the paint but too big a, sofa with no cover don't dirty and so on. Second, other logistics packaging strategy and note 1, carton label on packaging items, suggest listing items will make it, and mark number on each carton. For example: NO. 1, quilt, bedding, NO. 2, winter sweater, etc. 2, under the light on when packing, light items on the above, in the following. Really tight sealing box, especially put heavy boxes, to seal at the bottom of the cell. 3, color sticker area lies between a space logistics advice you can buy some different color sticker ( Also can obtain) with logistics lp To distinguish between space. For example, blue for kitchen, green represents the sitting room, when he moved to a new home, as long as can see color very fast positioning of the items. 4, avoid if any gap, gap box content easy to shake, so after the packaging application paper, styrofoam, bubble cloth such as buffer material will lock box gap. 5, paste with transparent tape at the bottom of the box and had better use transparent tape sealing, because the adhesion force better. 6, partition packaging packaging, recommend to space partition packaging for the unit, to find things can you find in the future. 7 times, packaged for things you don't use or change garments according to the clothes, can pack first; Daily use items such as toiletries, children's school bags. 8, before the arrival of logistics workers, now the new lives on the floor with waste cloth, so as to avoid scratching the floor. 9, shoulds not be too heavy a box with a person can have to carry the weight of the advisable; Box size not too big, long, understanding, high in 30 best & times; 30× Between 40 cm. If the whole box put books, pay special attention to the heavy weight. 10, carefully labeled breakable or heavy objects, outside of the cartons must be marked 'fragile, note', 'weight, base down'. Some logistics lp will provide the fragile stickers, as for the guest, if not, write clearly on the box with a pen of a bit thick. 11, textbooks, work items, shall be separately packaged and marked clearly, so can't find you then. Above are actually teach you before shipping logistics had better do simple sorting first, then according to the category of packaging, sharp objects remember safe disposal, fragile goods need to be careful, remember to prevent scratches and furniture, etc. , are the problems of some common sense, everyone is to do well as long as the intentions, logistics is in itself a very fee physical mental things oh, must be patient, want to know more shipping logistics information, please continue to focus on VIPU international logistics Supply Chain.
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